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January 20, 2021 Newsletter

Welcome to Mountain View High School. Home of the Mountain Lion. Our motto is: PRIDE!

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Parent Advisory Committee

Your are invited to attend our PAC (Parent Advisory Committee) Meeting on Thursday, January 28th at 5:30 pm. If you are interested in attending this meeting or have questions about PAC, please send an email to Suzy Hass at She will send you a google meeting invite.

Announcements and Newsletters

You can access all our Announcements and Newsletters on our website.

MVHS Website


Registration Night is dedicated to informing Freshman students and parents about the registration process. For more information, please see the link below.

Class of 2025 Virtual Registration

Schedules for Remote Learning ~ January 5, 2021 to January 22, 2021

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Schedules for Quarter 3 Learning ~ January 25, 2021 to March 12, 2021

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Return to In Person Learning beginning Monday, January 25th

Beginning next week, students you will be returning to school. We will be returning to A/B days with Wednesdays being remote.

Please make sure you know which group you are:

A ~ In person learning Monday and Thursday, with Asynchronous learning Tuesday and Friday

B ~ In person learning Tuesday, and Friday, with Asynchronous learning, Monday and Thursday.

Letter to Parents, Students, Staff on January 20, 2021

Greetings, MVHS Families & Students!

We are excited to have students back in our building beginning Monday, January 25th. We have been working hard to meet health department guidelines required for hybrid learning. Guidelines are very similar to the previous quarter when we were in-person, and the only significant change will be in added lunch times for students to be safely distanced. Siblings may not have the same lunch period as lunches are determined by the lunch period of the second period teacher. The bell schedule attached here will give more details.

Some teachers will be requiring students who are at home to log on and participate in class during their asynchronous days; we are excited that some teachers will be delving into this type of instruction to maximize instruction time with you/your student. When this occurs, remote students will be following the same bell schedule as those students who are in-building and are expected to be in class as directed by the teacher.

Teachers will continue to send weekly memos or newsletters to students and parents with information about their classes, including the “must-do” and “can-do” work for the asynchronous days each week.

Remember that students should come to school with their mask, a backpack for carrying all materials, and their student ID. ID’s are required to be visibly worn at all times, and students will receive Mountain View lanyards should they like to use them.

The following information is very important so please take time as a family to read all sections – you may even consider posting this on your refrigerator for easy access and quick reminders!

Thanks for all you have done and continue to do to make MVHS a great place to learn and to work!


Jane C. Harmon, Principal

Mountain View COVID-19 Safety Protocol for Students

Coming back to the building will look different from 'regular' school but similar to previous in-person learning this year - here are the protocols we will be following to assure our safety here at MVHS and to keep our Lions strong and healthy.


All students and parents must sign the acknowledgment form which may be found on Parent Portal or which may be completed in hard copy. No student will be allowed to attend classes at MVHS until this is complete, so please do so today by following this information:

  1. Electronically: Directions to do this are attached - please click HERE.

  2. Hard Copy - You may print and sign this hard copy form (ATTACHED - CLICK HERE) and return this via email (either using a pdf app or take pics to attach) to either of the following: Dean of Students Mr. Todd Clark at or Principal’s Secretary Mrs. Suzy Hass at


All students will be expected to wear masks at all times while in the building, except when actively eating breakfast or lunch. Our MVHS family of students, staff, and parents will be required to follow protocols that reduce the spread of COVID-19 as directed by our local health officials. Wearing a mask, washing hands, and watching distances will be essential for continued in-person learning. Refusal to wear masks will not be allowed and will result in disciplinary consequences that could include a transfer to virtual learning.

Student IDs

All students will be required to wear their ID’s visible on their person at all times; to assist in this, we are providing lanyards for all students. This allows us to quickly identify MVHS students and their assigned group.

Coming to School

The front doors will open at 8:05 am each day. Students who arrive early may wait outside, with safe distancing required. Students driving to school are encouraged to wait in their car until 8:15 am.

Students may only come to school on their designated days.

A Cohort Group Students come on Mondays & Thursdays.

B Cohort Group Students come on Tuesdays & Fridays.

ILC Cohort Students come on Mondays through Fridays.

Entering the Building

All students will enter through the front door and should have their ID worn and visible for faster entry.


Lockers will not be used this year as it does not allow for students to remain 6-feet apart. Please use your backpack to carry your school supplies and necessary lunch items. Additionally, no gym lockers will be used, and PE teachers will discuss expectations with their students on the first day of class. Athletes with equipment to store each day should discuss options with their coaches.

Hall Passes & Restroom Breaks

All students will remain in their classes for the entire period and will not be allowed to leave unless they are escorted by a staff member. Those students with a medical need to leave the classroom will be given direction on the first day. Students will have ten-minute breaks in most classes to allow for restroom use and filling of water bottles as a class unit. Students should bring their own reusable water bottle as needed; any student who needs a water bottle may see their teacher to alert them to the need, and a reusable bottle will be supplied once with the student responsible to bring this daily. Students with additional needs should talk with their counselor or teacher directly.

Health Office Protocols

Students with any COVID symptoms should stay home and should not come to school. If a student begins to feel sick while at school, they should immediately tell their teacher. The teacher will call the health office to get the student immediate assistance. If a student is exhibiting symptoms, they will be asked to report their symptoms and staff will take their temperature with an infrared thermometer. If a student has any COVID-like symptoms they will be taken into the designated quarantine room. Parents/guardians will be called immediately to either come to pick up their student or provide permission for them to drive or walk home from school.

Passing Periods and Hallway Protocols

Passing periods will be 5 minutes in length. Students are expected to leave their class and promptly make their way to their next class. While traveling in the building students should follow the designated stickers and tape that mark their paths throughout the building. Masks must be worn at all times and students should make every effort to maintain social distancing. Students should not congregate in groups while in hallways, locker areas, FTLAs, or common areas throughout the building.

Off Blocks, Internships, and Other Modifications to Schedules

All students who have an off period, internship, or TOL course during the school day must be off-site during this time.

Lunch Options

Students will be able to eat outside or eat in the building, and students in grades 10-11-12 will be able to leave campus for lunch.

  • Students who choose to eat in the building will be required to remain in their seats throughout the entire lunch period and a seating chart will be kept each day.

  • Students who choose to eat outside must still maintain 6 feet social distancing throughout the entire lunch period and must complete the lunch form.

  • Students who choose to eat off-campus must promptly leave the building and use the designated main entrance when they return.

  • Students will be allowed to leave their assigned seats or re-enter the building five minutes prior to the start of the next class period.

Lunch Deliveries

The front desk cannot accommodate food delivery by parents/guardians or by delivery companies like UberEats, Doordash, etc.

School Breakfast and Lunches

Sack breakfasts will be handed out to any students who wish to participate in school breakfasts. Students will eat breakfast in their classrooms, six feet away from all other students. Once completed eating, they will be immediately required to put masks back on.

Lunch will be served by Nutrition Services staff in the cafeteria to students who wish to participate in school meal service. Student entry into the cafeteria will be moderated, but the service will be very quick. ALL BREAKFAST and LUNCH are free to ALL students at this time.

While in Classrooms

Students are allowed to drink water and are encouraged to bring their own water bottles. Classrooms will be disinfected between all classes. Students may be asked to help spray desks and wipe down desks at the beginning and end of a class period. Masks will be required in all classrooms for students and teachers. Teachers have arranged their classroom space to create 6 feet distance among students, and they have systems in place to limit movement during class. Each teacher will develop a seating chart to ease in contact tracing if it is needed, and students are expected to stay in their seats throughout the class. Cleaning protocols will differ depending on the types of equipment or supplies used in a class.

End of Day Dismissal

Once dismissed, students must leave by the hallway exits closest to their last class. Students must leave campus immediately unless they have a scheduled appointment with a staff member or are participating in athletics. No students can loiter in the building. Bus students will wait outside for busses unless the weather demands otherwise. If students are waiting for a family member to pick them up, they must wait outside of the building.

Front Office & Attendance Office Access

Please do not enter the front office; instead, the office may be accessed through the information window from the main lobby.

Parent Meetings and Visitors

Visitors and parent meetings are generally restricted to virtual meetings; where this is not possible, meetings may be held outdoors. In extremely rare instances, school staff may request an in-person meeting with all safety protocols observed.

Student Pickup

When picking up students during the school day, parents will use the call system at the front door to alert office staff. Parents will be asked to return to their cars, and the student will be notified to meet their parents immediately.

Library Media Center

The library will be closed to regular use throughout the second quarter; larger classes will be held in this space. Students may still check out books, and they will receive information on how to do so in their school email.

Athletics, Activities and Clubs

Model UN

Model UN had a great virtual conference with Kent Denver and other schools around the state. Sarah Johnson won best position paper, Mallory Phillips won Outstanding Delegate (2nd place) and Olivia Friske won Honorable Mention (3rd place).

Great job!!!

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Track Head Coach ~ Matt Hall

We are excited to announce that long time Journalism, English and Yearbook teacher, Matt Hall, will be our 2021 Head Track Coach. Matt is known for his rapport with students, his enthusiasm and his ability to build strong relationships in any setting. Matt has been an assistant track coach at Mountain View for 2 years, as well as a Head C team and assistant coach for football. He is passionate about developing students and helping the Mountain View Track & Field program carry on the legacy of its past as a top program in the region. In Matt's words, "this is what being a HS coach really boils down to---the ability to teach them about life through sports."

Stay tuned for more details regarding off-season training and the upcoming season which will be made available on the Mountain View Athletic Website (

Practice and Tryout Information for Season B Sports

Season B Practice/Tryout Schedule (Boys & Girls Basketball, Girls Swimming, and Wrestling)

The practice/tryout schedules are posted on under WINTER! The first practice/tryout is on Monday, January 18th.

If you haven't signed up to participate for Season B sports yet, information on how to register is also at - ATHLETIC REGISTRATION. Athletes must be registered and clear before they can participate in practices/tryouts.

Sports Eligibility

Students planning to play sports at Mountain View in Seasons B, C or D need to be enrolled in and pass at least 2.5 credits of classes over the semester. In our 4x4 block, that typically means that students need to take a minimum of 5 classes over the semester and pass them all. Students need to have "full time status" during their sports season to participate. To be considered a full time student, students should be registered in 3/4 classes.

National Signing Day

We want to honor any athletes who are committing to play sports at the collegiate level. If you or your son/daughter have signed on to play sports in college, please send an email to Athletic Director, Lauren Anderson ( so she can send you more information.

Student Announcements

If you would like to review Announcements sent to students, please visit our website Mountain View High School Website. We will post all Announcements and Newsletters under the Announcements Heading.

Mountain View Music & Arts (MVMA)

MVMA Needs Your Fundraising Help!

Do you have a student in the MVHS band, choir, orchestra, theatre, or arts programs? Mountain View Music & Arts needs your fundraising help! Please consider participating in our EASY ongoing fundraisers.

1. King Soopers Community Rewards: Link your King Soopers shopping card (the one you use to get store discounts and sale prices) to designate Mountain View Music & Arts as your charitable organization. King Soopers donates to charitable organizations based on the number of participants per organization and the amount they spend (it’s no longer a flat 5%) -- so the more parents (and students!) who link their King Soopers shopping cards to MVMA, the more we will earn! Get started here: (MVMA's organization # is: SB623).

2. AmazonSmile: Link your Amazon account to designate Mountain View Music & Arts as your charitable organization, and Amazon will donate a percentage of what you spend. Get started here: (MVMA’s organization # is 26-4794988). You can also use AmazonSmile on your phone -- just enable it in your Amazon app settings.

3. ShopWithScrip: Sign up for the ShopWithScrip program and install the RaiseRight app on your phone. Before you shop, purchase e-gift cards to spend at the retailer of your choice (750+ retailers are available!). You can also purchase actual gift cards to give as gifts -- perfect for birthdays or holidays! MVMA will earn a percentage of what you spend, which varies by retailer. Get started here: (MVMA’s enrollment code is B28155F75549L).

For more information about MVMA, including fundraising, volunteering, and upcoming events, go to

MLK Event Link

The 2021 Loveland MLK Event link is now working!

The link is below and will be available to view for the remainder of the school year.

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Thompson School District COVID-19 Testing for Staff and Students

How do I get tested for COVID-19?

In partnership with the Larimer County Department of Health and Environment (LCDHE), TSD staff and students ages five (5) and older will be able to access free COVID-19 testing through the district. Staff and students will register through LCDHE’s COVID-19 testing portal. Registration will open at least two days prior to the testing event. TSD staff and students will use a link provided and a pin specific to the TSD testing events.

Testing Link:

TSD Pre-Registration ID #: TSDRAPIDTEST20

What should I expect when I arrive at the TSD testing center?

  • Expect to be greeted and asked for your TSD badge/ photo ID. If you do not have a TSD badge, staff will verify your eligibility in our student/staff record system.
  • You must wear your mask/face covering.
  • You must sign a liability waiver. If the individual is under 18 years of age, their parent/guardian must be present to sign the waiver.
  • You will be given a label that aids with reporting results.
  • Note: Parents/Guardians must be able to safely control their minor child or we may be unable to perform the test due to safety concerns.

COVID-19 Testing Information:

Symptomatic (sick)--RAPID TEST*

  • Details: The Health Services Team will only administer tests to people who have at least one COVID-19 symptom and are at least 5 years old
  • Location: Ray Patterson Stadium at Thompson Valley High School (1669 Eagle Drive; Access testing site from Eagle Drive)
  • Days: Monday, Wednesday and Friday (excluding holidays; Student testing beginning January 20, 2021)
  • Time: 6:30-8:30 a.m.
  • Results: Same day email

Asymptomatic/Symptomatic--PCR TEST*

  • Details: This testing can be completed on people with or without COVID-19 symptoms and are at least 5 years old
  • Location: Thompson School District Administration building (800 S. Taft Avenue; Access the testing center from Carlisle and Taft (near Ziggi’s Coffee).
  • Days: Wednesday (excluding holidays; Student testing beginning January 20, 2021)
  • Time: 3:00-5:00 p.m.
  • Results: Typically available within 2-5 days and will be sent by email. There are sometimes delays at the lab and some results could take longer. If you do not receive your results from LCDHE within this timeframe, please call 970-498-5500 (Monday-Friday 9 a.m.-4:30 p.m.) or text LCDHE anytime at 970-999-1770.

* Both tests are completed using a nasal swab procedure

Nutrition Services

BIG NEWS! The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) released BIG NEWS October 9, 2020. USDA extended the waiver for the Summer Food Program through as late as June 30, 2021. This waiver allows Thompson School District Nutrition Services to offer meals to ALL children 18 months - 18 years old AT NO CHARGE!

Since this is temporary, Nutrition Services encourages ALL families to apply for meal benefits. Apply online at:

Please email our office for more information:

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Meal Distribution Sites

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New Classroom Behavior and Organizational Management Software

This school year, the district has rolled out some new software called Securly Classroom and JAMF School. The purpose of this software is to give teachers the tools they need to manage their classrooms and students during online learning. They are complements to the learning management that occurs through the Google Classroom platform.

Securly Classroom software is a cloud-based classroom management tool for Chromebooks, giving teachers the ability to guide, monitor, and communicate with students during class. This helps remove distractions and keep kids focused on learning.

Teachers can guide the class by instantly pushing web pages to individual students or the entire class. This gets students on task quickly, especially when using long URLs. They can also save links to their commonly accessed sites into a “collection” which they can launch on all devices in class with just one click. To get the attention of the class, they use Screen Lock to provide a custom messages.

Teachers can keep kids focused and on-task by removing distractions from student devices. Similar to Push URL, Site Lock can be used to open specific web pages on student devices while blocking all others. Site Lock can be used for all students, specific groups, or individuals. When a teacher is reviewing a list of all open tabs on a student’s device, Tab Control allows them to select and close any site on that device. Plus, teachers can block specific websites within their classroom, even those allowed by the district’s content filter.

Teachers can monitor all current activity across all devices at a glance to easily spot an off-task student. Securly is looking at the student's TSD issued account, not the device. It does not see any locally stored documents. It also does not see any information about what the student was doing on their computer with a personal account (such as gmail, yahoo, or other personal account). It provides a thumbnail view of all screens in class to see that everyone is on task. Teachers can zoom in on any screen, including all available open tabs and then close any websites not related to the coursework in a single click. It also gives them access to all student browsing histories that occur during class. Teachers can check history for any of their own students at any time, while administrators have access to the history for all students. This is used to monitor appropriate online behavior according to the Student Technology Use Policy and Agreement.

Teachers can send class-wide announcements or start one-on-one conversations with individual students. All teacher-student messages are logged in a chat history, and can be reviewed by the teacher or administrators at any time. Students are able to get the teacher’s attention or ask for help using a special alert that appears as a glowing hand on the teacher’s device. Teachers can send announcements to the entire class (“You have 10 minutes to finish your test”) or to individual students (“Please see me after class”). Students must acknowledge the message by clicking on it before they can continue working.

Jamf School Software is the counterpart to Securely Classroom, but for iPads. It allows the ITS Division to tailor apps and restrictions suitable for specific grade levels, classes and even, in some cases, individual students. The Jamf Teacher component gives teachers the tools to manage, assign or restrict specific websites, apps, the camera and other features. The teacher has the ability to lock all or individual student iPads, hide specific apps for a set amount of time, allow specific teacher-approved websites and perform other device functions. Jamf Teacher also allows the teacher to communicate with students as a “chat” function in a group or individually.

Within Jamf Teacher, the teacher has the ability to create a lesson plan, including the materials, content, websites, documents, videos and links they might need for the lesson. Jamf Teacher also integrates well with the Google Meets platform that many teachers and students are accustomed to using.

Jamf Student is an app that is installed on student iPads. This app allows the student to communicate with the Jamf Teacher app. This is how the student can access the teacher’s assignments and instruction. One useful function of this app is the “Raise a Hand” function. This allows instant and private communication with the teacher.

As you can imagine, managing a classroom of students on technology while teaching is challenging during normal times, much less during remote learning. This software gives teachers the tools needed to teach, organize and manage the class in real time.

Family Intervention Program

Center for Family Outreach has a new Family Intervention Program that provides whole person support for families/students. A great resource for families who are struggling with their students/students struggling with home situations and you wish you could offer more support outside of school. See attached flyer for information.
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