Mrs. Haas' Third Grade News

April 4, 2016

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We will continue reading about heroes in our history this week. Students will identify character traits to describe these amazing people. We will also work on identifying the subject and predicate of sentences. See if your third grade can tell you what a subject is and what a predicate is.

Writer's Workshop

We will continue to move through the writing process with our How To books.


Our telling time unit in math was very short. We will complete the last section on Monday and then spend time reviewing on Tuesday. Tuesday night homework will be the Topic 12 practice test. Help your third grader practice telling time to the nearest minute, half hour, and quarter hour at home to practice for the test.

Don't forget to keep practicing those multiplication and division facts.


We will continue to explore weather this week.

Lots of Volunteers Needed!

On Friday, April 22nd at 2:00 I need lots of volunteers to help with a painting project the students will be doing to go along with their final writing project of the year. I promise you won't have to do any painting, but you might get a bit messy as you help pass out paper and move painted papers to the dry station. Please check your schedule and let me know if you can join us for an afternoon of fun!

Thank You...

Thank you to all the wonderful volunteers that joined us on our field trip on Friday. It was a fun day of learning. Thanks to Anjana Unni, Emily Walter, Bob Bub, Jim Arnett, Erik Johnson, and Bryan Dwight.