South Africa

By: Aaliyah Cobb,David Bell

Countries and Cities

- South Africa, Namibia, Zimbabwe, Madagascar and Tanzania

-Capetown,Tabora,Manja, Tshane,Gweru

Describe the Land Scrape

They have flat land, and Mountain

The Climate

hot, sunny weather – often with afternoon thunderstorms



Economic Activities


Physical Features

Namib Desert, Kalahri Desert, Zambazi river, Lake Malawi. Indian Ocean
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Major Tourist

Blyde River Canon

Durban Beasches

Traveling to South Africa

South Africa does not have a good reputation when it comes to safety.

What you liked most about South Africa

The beaches in South Africa are some of the best in the world.South Africa has a great climate.South Africa offers a unique culture,beautiful landscape,and wildlife. South Africa has many good places to visit. South Africa is the best region in Africa.