Survival Skills you will need

By:Tiffany Miller

Always bring maches!!!!

  • Lite fire right before you make shelter
  • you need to make a pile of stick so when you are building your shelter
  • make sure you stay warm

Make shelter right away

  • Gather a bunch of sticks and pine straw
  • Tie the sticks together with a thick piece of grass or bark
  • Put pine straw in the gaps
  • Then support pine straw with sticks
  • If you do not have pine straw then just use sticks

Find water

  • Find a lake
  • boil water for about 20 min.
  • make sure it cools then you can drink it


  • you can eat and find:
  • blue berries
  • asparagus
  • hazelnut
  • Elderberry


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bring a pot

  • when you go out always bring a pot
  • you can use it to cook your water,or make some food

you need something to protect you

  • make or bring a wepon
  • their are all types of animals out there!

bring a bookbag

  • you can use this to put all your stuff you collect in it


  • bring extra clothes
  • you will need them if you are stuck there for a long time
  • these will also help if you get wet

signals for if you hurt yourself

  • make a fire and put up something to get some someones attention
  • get a lot of rocks and put them in real big letters SOS

read up on the weather

  • always know what the weather is like before you go
  • i dont think that you would want to get wet or traped by snow!