By: Kylie Tucker

What am i reading

In this passage you will be reading about astronomers. They study our amazing planets, Solar System, and our galaxy the Milky way. These scientist are helping us figure out more about our home planet Earth.

what do they do??

According to "Astronomers are involved in a field of study called astronomy. Astronomers are challenged to test new physical ideas against observations". They chart stars, study our world, galaxy, solar system, and the rest of our unknown universe!

How do they help us?

If it wasn't for astronomers you would know absolutely nothing about the world you live on or where this world of ours is!! Which to me is pretty scary not knowing your surroundings. Well astronomers help figure out all of these things so we do know about our world, we do know about our surroundings as well. So that is how astronomers help us.

What did they discover?/ Important people/ devices?

Astronomer Galileo discovered the moons around Jupiter. Also astronomers discovered the size of the Earth pretty cool right? A astronomer discovered the first Earth sized planet within a stars habitable zone.

Some of the important devices were the telescope we believe that the telescope was invented by Hans Lippershey (1571-1619)

Lippershay and Galileo

Hans Lippershay was from the Netherlands and he was associated with the invention of the telescope. Now Galileo was from Italy he used Han Lippershay's invention the telescope to observe the planets and stars in the night sky.

What is NASA?

NASA is an important place a lot of astronomers work there. At NASA they discover and test our solar systems secrets. They launch rockets and astronauts into space as well!!

IS NASA still important?

NASA is very important more now than ever cause we have more technology now so they will be able to discover even more. NASA will always be important cause they could tell us when an asteroid or meteor is going to hit the earth so then we can be safe. They also can tell us the weather from up in space.

when did it all start?

NASA was founded July 29, 1958 by Dwight D.Eisenhower it was meant to complete with the soviets in the space race. He signed the National Aeronautics and the Space act.

How does it affect us today?

It affect us in many different ways it helps us see the weather like tornadoes, earthquakes, and ect. so we can go somewhere else to be safe so there is one way it helps. I don't think you wanna be hit with an asteroid or meteor any time soon so here is another way NASA can see when an asteroid or meteor is coming which helps a lot.