Mr.Mink's Red Riva Ox Cart

The One, The "ONLY" Thing you need!!!

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Why Is It So Amazing (and not amazing)

The Red River Ox Cart's do's and don'ts.

Do's: Was cheep to make,

They were made up of wood and animal hides making it very light and buoyant it could be floated across streams.

Could carry over 1000 pounds.

Don'ts: Very, Very noisy *can be fixed by cramming innocent frogs into the wheel well*

the wheels will break over and over and that's only the case.

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The Wonderful History...

Red River Ox Carts made their first appearance in 1801 at Fort Pembina, just south of what is now the United States border.Derived either from the two-wheeled charettes used in French Canada or from Scottish carts, it was adapted to use only local materials

Motive power for the carts was originally supplied by small horses. After cattle were brought to the Selkirk Settlement in the 1820s, oxen were used, preferred because of their strength, endurance. A supply of shaganappi and wood was brought; a cart could break a half-dozen axles in a one-way trip. The axles were ungreased, as grease would capture dust, which would act as sandpaper and immobilize the cart. The resultant squeal sounded like untuned violin, giving it the sobriquet "the North West fiddle".

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Why you need to buy this

It's so amazing, as could could tell by my wonderful information. You can even sing along with the wonderful music of the cart, also you get a free bag of live yes living grease frogs to lube those wheels and if that doesn't work we got ear muffs. contact at phone: 955-5095