Manic Depression

A Class Report

Famous People Diagnosed With Manic Depression

What the "manic"phase is like:

Mabel, Crazy off that Smile Dip!!!


The manic phase is often sudden, severe, and dangerous. In this phase you are incredibly happy, hyper, and tune out the rest of the world. You're also usually very impulsive and carefree. IN THE VIDEO, this young girl, (mabel) is very impulsive with the amount of candy she ingests and later regrets it. She also goes into her own world (metaphorically), ignoring the surrounding occurances.

What its like in the depression phase:

[HD] Gravity Falls Clip - Mabel Loses Waddles (Gravity Falls // The Time Traveler's Pig)


The depression stage is also very severe and sudden. It's very dangerous because it can last for long periods, cause suicidal thoughts, and cause over sleeping. IN THE VIDEO, Mabel is sad because she lost her pig, but as you can see her depression lasts a long time which can lead to serious health issues.


Jake Donahue (Real Name)