Thriving in Third Grade!

.....with Ms. Wessel & Mrs. Tucker :)


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The kids are extra excited about our new focus on CURSIVE writing. We have moved into our Level 3 book, and are also focusing on suffixes. They have also been practicing figuring out the difference between sound alike words, such as witch and which.

Ask your child to show you some of the cursive letters they have learned so far! :)



We have been practicing LOTS on multiplication. The students have recently been introduced to our end of year ice-cream party. Depending on how many facts they pass, depends on how many scoops of ice-cream and toppings they receive.

See below for a multiplication song that can be used to help with the 3's!

Schoolhouse Rock - 3 Is A Magic Number


We have moved into our opinion unit, and have been really studying the rubric to figure out how an opinion piece should be written.

Science/Social Studies

Valentine's Day Party

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