By Dani Dennis; Editor-In-Chief

What Does Food Really Cost?

Food is made out of many different types of nutrients from local gardens to big markets.

The process of creating food and making presentable for consumption can take many steps. For many foods, the process starts with growing, picking and washing to processing, preparation and presentation. Process and presentation is often done by hand, but technology allows for new methods using machines. For many food production companies, it can be more efficient and affordable to use machines instead of people. If production is slow more workers are hired or machines are built.

In order to protect the citizens of the United States, the Pure Food and Drug Act was passed. This Act prevents the manufacturing, selling, mis-branding of poisonous, or harmful products. Drugs and liquor are no longer legal to use in foods or medicine. Food is in demand and companies have a lot of pressure to manufacture, ship, and deliver so they can meet these demands. Food production companies can join together, to gain space, workers, or money. They can hire foreigners but the companies need to make it a priority to take responsibility for their safety and provide reasonable hours and wages. Also, there should be cooperate inspections to make sure all working environment is safe for all workers.

A Letter To Future Americans

May 23, 1919

Dear Future American Women,

My name is Alice Paul. I was born in 1885, a time where women didn't have the same, or as many rights as men. My family and I are Quakers. I grew up leaning and believing that hard work and treating people right are important life values. I'm so glad I did because my colleagues and I worked so hard to gain the women's right to vote which i hope will lead to a better quality life. This movement will give women a change, give them more hope and realize that women should have equal rights as men. I am so proud of my friends and colleagues for joining and working with me and for their bravery. We gave everything we had and it was worth it! I hope that in your time you no longer have gender issues to deal with or fight against. Do not take for granted what was already done for you. Go after your goals and whatever they are. Even if you are shot down countless times, keep trying.


Alice Paul

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Democratic politician William Jennings Bryan, "became convinced that the teaching of Evolution as a fact instead of a theory caused the students to lose faith in the Bible, first, in the story of creation, and later in other doctrines, which underlie the Christian religion.". The definition of Evolution is: the gradual development of something, especially something going from simple to complex. The problem people had with Evolution is it was starting to take away some of peoples religious beliefs. And that is what people are afraid of, change, and expansion. The growth and progress of the United States after the war had a huge impact on the citizens.

McCartney Embassy

In 1793 the McCartney Embassy, also called McCartney Mission, was Britain's first diplomatic mission to China. This involved the two men sent to greet the Chinese Emperor, Qianlord Emperor, with gifts of the newest technology for his birthday which was the day they arrived. The reason the two British men were originally sent to "The Forbidden City" in Beijing, China was to request a new trade port be opened with Britain after China closed all ports just recently for trade with any country. The two men were escorted into the Forbidden City by many armed soldiers only to be asked to kiss the ground in front of where the Emperor was sitting. They refused because they will only worship their own ruler. The men were escorted back out and they went back to the place they were staying and went to bed, they planned to leave in the morning, only to be awoken late in the night to be taken back to the "Forbidden City". They did not even see the Qianlong Emperor this time, they were given a note that was very lengthy and ended up saying hat they would refuse to reopen any trading ports. They then made their long journey back to Britain. The mission had failed.
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Bail Bonds

Support your soldiers, and lets win the war! For just 5 schillings get a Bail Bond now! American Soldiers and fighting for you, back them up!

Home Front- News Story

The economy and workers were mobilized by the government as a war effort. Important materials such as copper, steel, and rubber needed to be monitored so the War industries Board was created. To help with the food supply for the American citizens they started to build "victory gardens'' at home.To give money to help the government pay for equipment for the war is called a Liberty Bond. It is given to the Government as a loan that will be paid back after the war. Also in an act to help out with the money needed for the war citizens created and now participate in "heatless Mondays".

Arts& Entertainment

On September 8th,1897 singer Jimmie Rodgers was born. His father. ,Aaron Rodgers, wanted Jimmie to help him with his gang on the rail roads after his mother died when he was young. At age 27, 1924 Jimmie got Tuberculosis when ended his railroad career. this disease gave him the chance to entertain people by singing he moved to Ashville, North Carolina. In February 1927, WWNC Ashville's first radio station aired. April 18th Jimmie Rodgers and his partner Otis Kuykendall sang their first live performance on WWNC live! As Jimmie continued singing he got more and more well-known. Jimmie died at age 25 in 1933 just 36 hours after recording "The Father Of Country Music'.


On August 20th,1920, in Jordan and Hupmobile Auto Showroom in Canton, Ohio, professional football was born. All around Athlete, Jim Thorpe along with seven others met to discuss, and develop American Professional Football Conference (APFC) and the prototype of the National Football League (NFL). The name was officially changed to National Football League (NFL) two years later. Professional football was a huge success and people loved the sport. The only struggle the League was having was keeping up with the salary of all the players. After the first season in 1920, The Decatur Staleys won the championship. In 1921 President George Halas changed the name of his team to The Chicago Bears. The name was given to reflect Chicago's Major League Baseball (MLB) Team Chicago Cubs.