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Tenants Need Insurance too

Householder Insurance Policy

Tenants need insurance too. Renting a house or an apartment is a huge financial undertaking and too often tenants don’t think they need insurance. Yet it’s extremely important for tenants to provide financial protection for personal belongings in the event of major unexpected accidental damages or loss. While your landlord most likely has property insurance on the actual building in which you live, your landlord's policy does not cover your personal belongings.

Tenant’s insurance policies vary from one insurance company to the next, but they generally include Contents coverage: Contents coverage enables you to replace or repair your belongings if they are loss/damaged resulting from forced entry/exit or by fire/flood.

To estimate what your belongings are worth, conduct a home inventory. List all your goods and estimate what it would cost to replace everything. This allows you to decide on the amount of coverage needed and helps minimize stress after a fire, break-in, or other type of loss.

Keep in mind that some personal items, like jewellery or computer software etc may have limits, this is because certain items may be worth more than your policy’s limit, therefore, they may need to be insured separately based on their appraised value.
An added benefit of our tenants’ insurance policy is that coverage is valid wherever you are in the world. For example, if you’re on vacation and someone breaks into your hotel room and steals your belongings, you would be covered for your loss as well.

Remember that No insurance policy covers everything. Take some time to review your policy and get answers to your questions. The wrong time to discover what your policy does and does not cover is in the aftermath of an accident.

Tenant’s insurance provides affordable peace of mind. At SA Insurance, we know that your personal belongings represent some of your most valuable possessions, that is why our Householder insurance policy is designed to cater to the insurance needs of tenants. Visit our website to learn more about our Householder policy.

Understanding Claim Process

In the event that you need to claim against your policy, whether it be a motor accident, or loss or damage to property, it is important for you to notify your insurance company immediately. The sooner you make contact the sooner you will be able to receive the support you require.

Please read and follow these guidelines as they will assist us in settling your claim speedily and efficiently.
  • Ensure you secure the vehicle or property insured and prevent further damages if possible
  • Do not carry out any repairs without inspection or authorization form the insurance company
  • If a 3rd party is involved, get the full details of the 3rd party
  • Report to the police if bodily injury occurs of a 3rd party s responsible for the damages
  • Notify the insurance company immediately
At SA Insurance we endeavor to process your claims as quickly and efficiently as possible, putting you back into the position before the loss occurred.
Feel free to contact us and we will guide you through the requirements and procedures.

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