Road Safety


What happens when you drink alcohol then drive?

Statistics show that even small amounts of alcohol can affect your ability to drive.
  • It slows your brain so you cant respond to situations, make decisions and react quickly.

  • reduces your ability to judge how fast you are moving or your distance between cars.

  • makes it harder to do one thing at at a time, eg (concentrate on steering, miss seeing traffic lights and cars entering from side streets.

What are the symptoms of being alcohol affected?

  • - Tremors, convulsions, or shaking of the hands.
  • - Nausea or Vomiting.
  • -Seizers
  • -Extreme agitation or Anxiety.

Health promotion initiative

RBT means you need a plan B:

  • The main message of RBT means you need a plan B is if you are drinking, don't drive.

  • Plan B Aims:
  • contribute to an overall reduction in the road toll
  • Promote Alternative transport options to empower drivers to make the choice not to drink and drive.

What's your Plan B?