I have a cold .-.

The Cold

Colds are very common sicknesses that are caused from a various number of reasons: a virus might have hit caused the impact, cold weather, et cetera.. The immune system is greatly involved with this illness. Colds can cause constant sneezing and other impacts that are signs of slight irritation. Colds are sometimes produced from germs on other people's hands or belongings we touch, and other sources in public that can carry sicknesses (money, escalators/elevators, and public transportation). A couple of things that you need to do to prevent the cold from getting worse: get the right amount of sleep (immune system, healthy) and also drink a number of warm/hot fluids like tea, soup, and even some milk will do.


For further information, you can always use google.com as a resource. If you are still struggling to seek out some new info, we also recommend the website: cold.com- hopefully, it will help guide you through! Below, are some specificities, please feel free to use it as a reference.