Maeng Da Kratom Dosage For Pain

A Complete Dosage Guide


Kratom is a great herb and it comes in various strands. Various strands have different effects. The reason for that is simple, and that is because of the different alkaloids in them. This determines the kind of sedative or stimulant effect it can cause when you take it. Kratom possesses that sedative and stimulant effect. Moreover, the effect depends on the dosage, as well as the person has taken the product. The weight of the user and body mass can cause variations in the quantity you take. Generally, beginners should start with a smaller dosage and increase with time. When your body system accepts it, you can increase the dosage until you get the desired effect you want.

Kratom effect varies. The moderate effect can be there for four hours or more than that. Before medical experts can prescribe a dosage, they consider a lot of factors such as your body mass. Because of that, it is advisable to start with caution, and gradually work your way as you become used to that system. Several experts always recommend that the starting dosage should be 2 to 3 grams depending on the type of kratom and strength of kratom you want to use. When you want to increase, it is better to do that gradually at a rate of 0.5 grams.

Moreover, before you talk about the increase, you must take into consideration the different strands in the market such as the green, white and red-veined kratoms. These strands serve different uses to the body. Because of that, side effects may not be the same. You should allow medical experts to guide you in choosing the best kratom dosage.

You have to start from low to high because of the sedative effect of kratom. Many people often do not realize this effect until they begin to witness that effect. If the sedative effect is more than the stimulating effect, it is better that you reduce the dosage to suit your body chemistry.

Different ways of taking kratom

Before you determine the correct dosage to take, you have to know the type of kratom to take. There are different ways to take kratom and dosage for different methods may not be the same. Here are some of the common ways of consuming kratom:

Toss n’ wash method

Perhaps the simplest and easiest way of taking this product is through this method. You have to measure the dosage you want to use in a glass or cup, and pour the powder to your mouth, and swallow it. Some people prefer consuming it this way through a teaspoon. If you want to apply this method, you do not scoop the whole quantity to the mouth at the same time, it is better that you split it.

Tea method

Moreover, the other popular method is the tea method. It is also consumed in the powdered form. You need to boil the powder in water until it becomes hot. Strain the liquid off after boiling it. Some people prefer to take it this way, because to them, it is more effective and can produce better results. The difficulty with this method is that it can take plenty of time to prepare. Moreover, the taste is not bad and if you like you can take it cold or hot. If you chill it, this would produce more results.


Some people prefer to mix the powdered form of it with yogurt. Another fruit flavor can serve the same purpose. The aim is to mask the kratom taste. However, in doing that, you must be sure of the correct dosage you use and you should not take that in an empty stomach. The effect could be devastating. For beginners, experts recommend they start with an empty stomach to know the real effect of it.

Add it to a protein shake

The principle is the same and that is to mask the real taste of kratom. If you combine the powder with calories, the taste and the effect could be better. Some users prefer to take it that way. The most important thing is to measure it and ensure that you take the correct dosage.

Capsule form

Kratom is sold in pill form. Some people prefer this because it is easy to determine the dosage. Furthermore, it is the best way to take it down to your body system without worrying about the taste. Ensure that you take the required grams and you have to take it with plenty of water to help it to digest very well. If you are always on the go, this method is the best way to take kratom. This is the most scientific and the most preferred method, and it is easy to determine the dosage you use. It is also the more refined form of this product.


You have seen the various ways of consuming kratom. The question now becomes are you sure you take the correct dosage of this substance. Medical experts will always advise that you start from a smaller dosage and migrate to a higher one with time. For a start, it is good if you start with 2 to 3 grams. If after taking it and you do not fill anything, you can decide to increase the dosage the next time. If you take a little more than you require, it can take you too high. Too little is going to result in no negative effect because of that, you should start little and improve gradually until you achieve the perfect dosage. The dosage you take should also depend on the kratom quality.

For a beginner, there is the need to understand the differences that exist between a regular kratom and enhanced kratom. For regular users, the following dosage could be helpful.

2 to 4 grams could lead to a mild stimulant effect.

4 to 6 grams will lead to medium effects, which include stimulant and analgesic effects

6 to 8 grams will have a string sedative and analgesic effect. This can be too strong for most users.

8 grams and higher dosages can be very strong in terms of the effect both sedative and analgesic and because of that, this high dosage is not often recommended. Before you reach this level, it must be recommended by medical experts.

The dosages recommended above as stated earlier is for kratom powder and the leaves. It does not include extracts. Your reaction to this can vary, and the potency depends on the type you want to take. Moreover, the source of the product can determine the effect. As a new time user, you are experimenting with a new batch, it is better to start small and improve with time. If you start it strong at the beginning, the effect could be devasting and this will not be the best.

An important guide for beginners

Most of the challenges of using kratom are with beginners. This is because they do not know how to start using it. Some experts recommend that first-time users can take this on an empty stomach to know they will feel after that. The assumption is that if you take it with food in your stomach, it could require you to take more dosages than necessary. For a start, you can take 2 to 3 grams of kratom in an empty stomach. If you do that, you can begin to notice its effects within the first twenty minutes. This has to be the regular kratom and not the enhanced version of it which is more powerful.

After 30 to 45 minutes, you can assess how you feel it. You should be able to tell whether there is a need to take more dosages. If you think there is the need to increase the dosage, you can increase by 0.5 grams of it. Allow for another 15 to 30 minutes to observe how your body would react to that situation.

You can continue to add the grams until you can arrive at a dosage that can solve your needs very well. By this time, you must be feeling good about it.

As a beginner, there is a need to start low. However, depending on your weight and body mass, you can increase it.

For fresh users here is some important information they should bear in mind while starting with this. First and foremost is that you must remain hydrated. Kratom can have the same effect just as coffee and because of that, you will lose some quantities of water from your body system once you use this. To help deal with that situation, there is a need to take more water to stay hydrated. This can determine the kind of effect this will have on your body.

When you are starting, you can take it on an empty stomach. This can help you have a reference point, which can help determine the correct dosage to take in the future.

Furthermore, it is explained that there are different kinds of strains. You should not expect that you take the same dosage for different strains. It is wrong to assume that. Every strain will need its dosage as it is used for different purposes. You must bear this in mind when you are starting for the first time.

Keep informed about what you have taken. It guides in making future choices about what you can use and how you want to use it. This way, it is easier to build your experience with this kind of product.

Finally, when you are buying as a beginner, you must be wary of the source. Ensure that you buy a quality source and you can do that when you buy from a quality supplier.

Why do you opt for the ideal dosage?

You are recommended to take the ideal dosage because of the great benefits that come with it. If you aim to deal with some medical challenges, it is possible to achieve that when you take the correct dosage. Here are some of the benefits of taking kratom

*Reduce blood pressure

*It is a perfect way to deal with anxiety

*Helps you relax yourself

*It helps you with natural energy

*Enhances your concentration and increases your productivity

*Most importantly, it can increase your sex drive.

When you are talking of dosage, you have to relate to the type and quality of kratom products you want to use. This advice is important because there are different kinds, sources and qualities of it in the market.

Dosage for super kratom is not the same as other levels. Super means that the kratom is the highest quality and it is drawn from the biggest kratom leaves and trees. It is super because of the alkaloid quantities in them, which are higher than what you get from other levels. Because it has more concentration of alkaloids in them, it is bound to be more powerful and it can cost more than any other strand in the industry.

Another level of kratom which you must take note of when you are making your purchase is the premium. This is also powerful but it may not be as powerful as what you get from super kratom. When it comes to alkaloids quantity, it is not up to that of super and most of the alkaloids are weed off. The powerful leaf surfaces are often retained but those emanating from the stem are done away with.

Extract kratom is another form and this has a high-quality alkaloid concentration. To achieve this kind, you must first boil the kratom powder to a thick solution to form a resin, which can be crushed after. This is one of the strongest and when you want to take it, you must be very careful. The dosage is no longer normal. It has an addition to the usual kratom powder. Because of that, you must be careful and you must contact your doctor before you begin any of the ultras enhanced kratom.

Moreover, you have to determine the country of origin when you want to use kratom as that can help in checking the potency before you begin to use it. The country of origin can assist to determine the regional differences and this has a great impact on the dosage you take, and the kind of effect you can get when you take it.

You must ensure that you buy them from reliable vendors and nothing more. Such vendors can provide useful information that can guide you in making a choice. This is because it is likely they are going to provide a valid description that can help you understand that product more.

Now that you have seen the different levels of kratom, you must know the correct dosage you can take of any strand. Here are dosages for different kratom strains.

Super kratom

You can start from 1-2 grams and this is the minimum you can take of this one.

3 grams, this is considered light

5 grams of it are potent, just as 8 to 15 grams of it are considered strong. It is good you know the kind of strain you want to take to know the correct dosage of it to take.

If you want to take a premium kratom, you can take the following dosage of it.

2 grams is for the beginners and that is the minimum dosage you can take.

4 grams are considered light

While 5 to 10 grams are potent

In the same way, 10 to 15 and above grams of it are strong.

If you want to take the extra enhanced kratom, which is perhaps the most powerful, the minimum that you can take is 1 gram which is considered light. 2 grams are potent, while 3 grams are strong. If you take anything from 4 and above, you are taking a very strong dosage of it.

What happens if you fail to take the correct dosage?

It is recommended that you take the correct dosage to avoid the negative side effects that come when you take the wrong dosage of it. The side effects can be severe and it can be detrimental to your health.

If you want to take the powered form of it, then you can determine the dosage by measuring the quantity in a teaspoon. If you like you can take them in grams. The most important thing is to know the quantity or the correct dosage you are taking at a time.

If you do not measure it accurately, the danger is that you could take an overdose of it or even underdose. When you take an overdose, it involves a lot of risks that many people will not like. To ensure that you do not make a mistake, it is better that you use the correct measuring scale to avoid errors of measurement. Ensure that the scale is well calibrated and when you do that, it can guide you in the dosages you take of this kind of product.

Most importantly, do not take this without guidance. You must see a medical or health practitioner to guide you in the correct dosage you take. This is very important.