The Writing Process

By: Olivia, Amanda, Beth, Nic, Jordan, and David

What is the definition of the writing process?

It is both a key concept in the teaching of writing and an important research concept in the field of composition studies.

Steps to the Writing Process


  • Find topic

-Start with many different categories, then narrow it down to a few

  • Brainstorm using different methods

-Physical movement


-Invite new faces to discussions

-Use all ideas

-Be fun and creative

  • Ask questions about topic
  • Find places to do research

-Look for reliable sources

  • Do research in a way that works for you

-Try many different note taking strategies to find what is best for you

  • Don't erase any information incase you need it for later use
  • Visualize yourself and what it is you are writing

-65% of writing is mental


  • Outline
  • Be sure of what type of essay it is going to be

-Be sure there is a clear point

  • Begin writing
  • Develop a thesis
  • Put your research into your own words

-Don't copy and paste off of a website

  • Ask others to peer read your draft

-Have many people peer read it for different viewpoints

Revising/ Proofreading

  • Read what you have written/ have others read it
  • Think about what others have said about it
  • Rearrange sentences
  • Check grammar and spelling
  • Replace overused words
  • Read aloud to check flow
  • Compare and contrast with other essays and your research to check facts
  • Be sure to have complete sentences
  • Rewrite so it is neat and clear
  • Make sure you stay on topic


  • Find targeted audience
  • Make into a book
  • Read aloud to a group
  • Send the book out
  • Put it on display
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