Edgar Allan Poe

By: Adam Hust

Who was Edgar Allan Poe and what was his childhood like?

Edgar Allan Poe is known as the inventor of modern detective stories. The books and poems that he wrote were mystery and detective fiction. His life was haunted by death. At a young age his father left Edgar, his mother, and his two other siblings. His parents were traveling actors. His mother died was Edgar was very young when his mother died from tuberculosis. After his mother died he was separated from his two siblings and was raised in the wealthy Allan family.

Edgar's first written works also most significant and how big a part sickness and death are to his life

Poe published his first work called "Tamerlane" in 1827. Edgar's most significant or most well known work was called "The Raven". You can see the themes that Poe has in his works that reflect his own life. The dark horror-ish writings and based around death and sickness. These things reflect on his writings because he went through sickness, death and grief throughout his life. His mother died from TB when he was young, his adopted mother died from TB also, and so did his wife at the same age as Poe's birth mother.

Mystery of Edgar Allan Poe's death, his influence on the world and his genre of writing

The influence that he had on the world was very important for modern day literature. Many people and critics alike said that he was the founder of modern mystery and detective genres. While others say that the genre was always there but he jump started it. The great mystery of Edgar A. Poe's death was tragic and very mind-boggling. Since at the time the medical field of work did not have the technology we have today but doctors then did have some idea of how he died. Earlier before he died he was seen at a bar and was drinking. When he came to the hospital and died the doctors think it was a kind of alcohol poisoning.