Pork and Coriander Dumplings

Mary Hanneysee


For my school summative food assessment we had to make a dish that is asian, i made pork and coriander dumplings! They ended up great and i would make them again. I had an outline recipe but i took things away and added to change the recipe up. I wasn't sure how they would turn up base i had compromised the recipe so much. I got the inpatration for these dumplings from a dish my mum made, she converted the recipe and added coriander in and i really like it in them.
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Why is it Asain?

This is dish is asian because of 2 components, Dumplings are an original Chinese dish originated in Eastern Han Dynasty 1,800 years ago by Zhang Zhongjing. They also had pork in them which many Chinese dishes incorporate it also has chilli in it a spice that ix used in almost every dish in Asia!

Sensory Description

The dumplings and a very most steamed smell, the chilli and coriander together created a very strong succulent smell. They texture of the dumplings was perfect, the dumpling wrapper were cooked perfectly so they were chewy but also smooth at the same time. The filling was the perfect amount and went perfectly with the wrapper. They tasted deliosiuc! The had the prefect amount of spice and freshness at the same time, making the dumpling a perfect mix of flavours. The dumpling looked very appetising and yummy.

Strengths and Weaknesses

I think i did the perfect amount of flavours for the side filling of the dumplings, i also put the perfect amount in them making them an easy finger food but still enough to satisfy at the same time. Some things i could improve on are the presentation, because they wasted so good i forgot to plate them and make them look good. I also need to change the wrappers i used, instead of using wonton wrappers (which is what i used) i needed to use dumpling wrappers because they are a lot more substantial and hold the dumplings together better! There are different meats, spices and herbs i could change around to change the fallow and style of my dumpling.