Kieffer's 5th annual Pajama Party!

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Come and join the fun.

For Kieffer’s first birthday in 2010, we wanted to find a fun party theme and really live it up, but we were also struggling with asking people to buy him gifts. As the fifth boy cousin in the family, he had more than enough clothes and toys. While watching the Sprout TV channel one morning with three-year-old Matteus, we saw a commercial for the Pajama Program and realized we had found a solution.

We hosted a Pajama Party – the guests came in PJs and brought new PJs and new books for local children. We are grateful to our family and friends who’ve been with us each year! We would be honored if you would help us remember our son and brother, and continue the tradition of giving.

Seriously, there will be people wearing Pjs, you should too :)

Kieffer's 5th Annual Pajama Party

Saturday, June 13th, 1-4pm

21 Thornapple Dr

Battle Creek, MI