Wilson Newsletter

January Edition

Happy New Year!

So happy to have everyone back for the spring semester! For all the seniors out there....this is it!! Hope your winter breaks were refreshing and your first week of classes has been relatively painless!

Roster Verifications

I need everyone to stop by my room (Wilson 233, over Panera) and sign the roster verification form posted next to the door, confirming that you are still inhabiting the room you were assigned by housing. You must sign next to your name by this Saturday the 17th at 5pm. I will be submitting it to housing at that time. If you have not signed the roster verification form by Saturday then you will have to meet with me Saturday night or early Sunday morning. I apologize for the short notice but housing did not give us much time to get these back to them!

To reiterate, you must be in the room (A,B,C) that housing has assigned you. If you for some reason have moved into the wrong room please email me ASAP so we can get the issue straightened out.

As always, feel free to contact me at any time about anything!

Let me know if you have any program ideas, suggestions, issues, complaints, or anything you want to chat about :)

Questions About Housing Next Year?

Residence Life will be hosting a workshop for residents who have questions about the housing lottery in the upcoming weeks. You will receive an email with more detailed information!

Stay Healthy!

Make sure you are practicing hand washing!! This years flu virus is now being considered an epidemic in Virginia. Please stay healthy!

Fun Fact About Retaining

If you are planning to retain next year and stay in the Village please know that it is a 10 month lease. You will be expected to move all of your belongings out when your current lease expires and then move in at the allotted date. UGH, it is an inconvenience. Feel free to ask me any questions. If I am unable to help I will direct your questions to housing as they have all the answers!