Your Personal Brand

How Will You Market Yourself For a Job?

Develop a Personal Brand

In this project you will be developing a brand that represents YOU professionally.

Logo Design - May 17-21

Using the activity done in the previous class where you used adjectives to describe positive qualities about yourself, develop a personal logo design using Adobe Illustrator.

Feel free to design several ideas in the same document, but use separate artboards. Start your artboard size at 5x5 inches, and trim if needed.

Once you have finalized a design, save and submit according to the following directions:
  1. Save the Illustrator file and keep it!
  2. Export a JPG file that is sized for the WEB at 72 pixels for the resolution. (name it:
    "Last name first_LOGOWEB.jpg"
  3. Export a PNG file that is sized for print at 300 pixels for the resolution. (name it "Last name first_LOGOPRINT.png"
  4. Submit your WEB version in the turn in box located in Moodle, AND upload it to our class Edmodo page.
  5. Use the PNG version on the other parts of the project used for print.
Building a Personal Brand: Jacob Cass at TEDxCMU 2011

Develop a Resume

A resume is a document that displays all your positive professional qualities. Think of it as a spec sheet for the great things about you when you want to be hired for a job, chosen for a college, scholarship, etc.

You will need to create a resume that features your personal brand logo and describes you. Complete this task in InDesign on an 8x5x11" document. Try to keep the document down to one page.

Here is what you want to include on your resume:
(or you can check out this link for info on how to develop your resume.)
  • Contact Information (Name, phone number, address, email, website)
  • Education (List your anticipated year for HS graduation, as you gain more education, add it to the document.)
  • Job Experience (list paid and unpaid job experience you have had working, the time you worked there, who was your immediate supervisor, and a brief description of the type of work you did.)
  • Achievements: (what type of special awards have you gotten? Have you been a group leader or helped organize an event for your church or attended a leadership camp or conference? these are all experiences you can list!)
  • Skills: What kind of skills can you bring to the table? List software you are familiar with; HINT HINT: Adobe CS5! also list other skills you may have such as wood working, photography, welding, etc. depending on the type of job you are trying to get!

A resume that is unique, easy to read, and stands out and grabs attention is one that is surely to be moved to the top of the pile! Look up examples of well designed resumes online or Pinterest!
Click to see this Pinterest board with a number of well designed resumes

You Tube Playlist on Resume Design

Looking for more resources on how to put together your resume or wanting info on how to put together an awesome resume? Check out the YouTube playlist embedded below to get you started!

When is my resume due?

Your resume will be due at the end of class on the following dates:
  • A day: Tuesday, May 28
  • B day: Wednesday, May 29

Save your resume with the following requirements:

  • MUST be exported as a PDF (save the original copy as well!)
  • File name: Lastnamefirst_RESUME.PDF