Henry Ford Biography

maybe the best biography except not at all.

My Biography project is on Henry Ford.

Who is Henry Ford? Henry Ford is the first person to make an affordable model T car.

Where Henry Ford is from.

Henry Ford was born on July 30th 1863 at Greenfield Township Michigan. His parents are William Ford and Mary Litogot Ford.

Events that influenced Henry Ford.

  • When Henry Ford was 12, He saw a horseless vehicle for the first time. A road engine used to drive thrusting machines. Already using crude tools to tinker with fragments of machinery, he was able to make a watch at age 13. A few years later, he was able to make a working road engine.

  • When ford was 17, he was ready to leave schools and his home. He walked nine miles to Detroit to take his first job, with the Michigan car works, where he would make repairs for 1.10$ a day.

  • When Henry Ford reached the age of 19, he mastered the machines trade.

How did Henry Fords actions affect his later career?

  • The actions that he did at a younger age made him realize what he was good at in the world.

  • Because he was working on cars when he was younger, he was able to identify different parts as well as put together an engine.

  • His experience in the job industry helped him make his own company in the future.

What impacts did Henry Ford have on the world?

  • Henry Ford has created a car for the common man. Theca's that he would created and sell would be around 300 dollars at the time.

  • Henry Ford gave hundreds of people jobs.

  • Henry Ford revolutionized the car industry.

What I understand about this person/ questions that I would ask him.

I understand that Henry Ford gave a lot of people jobs as well as a new way of transportation.

If I was able to ask Henry Ford one question is would be what would you change about your cars.