Unit Letter

How the World Works: Cycles

Central Idea

We experience the influence of the earth's natural cycles in the growth and change around us.

Unit description

It's that time of year again. The Christmas plätzchen have been made, decorated and eaten. The snowflakes have been painstakingly snipped and stuck to the windows, and the Christmas songs have been practiced and performed. We're ready for the real snow, and for the holidays!

Before we leave for our two week winter break we wanted to let you know about the next unit, which falls under the transdisciplinary theme of "how the world works".

First Line of Inquiry:

In Kindergarten we will be looking at different natural cycles. This includes an inquiry of the life cycle of humans and of some animals, which the children will have the opportunity to decide on for themselves. Some groups already started with a look at baby photos followed by discussions about what three- and four-year-olds can do now in comparison to when the photos were taken.

This is also the right time of the year to continue thinking about seasonal cycles, with which the children have already started becoming familiar over the course of the autumn, as they have watched the trees' leaves change colour and fall.

Further possible avenues of inquiry in terms of natural cycles are "night and day" and the lunar cycle.

Second Line of Inquiry:
How living things respond to these different cycles. Some Kindergarten groups have already learned about hibernation, an ongoing inquiry. We will also be looking at nocturnal animals. There will be plenty of opportunities for hands-on experiences such as visits to bat caves or to farms. In the spring time we may also have the chance to watch the transformation of caterpillars to butterflies, which has always been a great success in past years!

In accordance with the philosophy and structure of the Primary Years Program, the unit will be as child-led as possible, allowing the children to express their interests and to help structure their own learning.

Have a relaxing winter break and see you in the new year! From your Kindergarten team