The Finest Hours

Out in the open seas

The amazing sea story

The waves a smashing against the vessel. We let the life boats down because they would not be able to handle the 20 foot waves. I walked through the door and there was just water i saw the other half the boat drifting away. Captain John ran to the top floor to tell the rest of the crew. All the radios where on the bow of the boat the part they where not on. They had one chance the radio in the control room may still work. They had 5-6 hours before the ship sink They need to get out of there fix the radio to get rescued.;

The ship splits

From the waves smashing into the oil ship it split in two BECAUSE of this the crew has 2-3 hours before it sinks. The boat that is coming to save all these people is a size of a boat held to fit 7 not big and its taking on the crazy seas. The crazy seas are putting all the men's life at risk BECAUSE of how far they have to travel the weather they have to go through.