VCR 5 Presentation

Katie Sutcliffe

Choose the Best Word from Lesson 5

The air force jets troops flew in prefect ______ formation.
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echelon (n.)

1. a step-like formation of troops, ships, or aircraft

2. a level of command or authority

Alternative Definintions


1. a part of a military force differentiated by position in battle or by function

2. (v.) to arrange in an echelon formation.


from Latin scala to French échelle (ladder) which became échelon (now used as echelon)

use of echelon over time:

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  • degree
  • file
  • rank
  • tier


There are no direct antonyms of echelon, but unemployment is a partial antonym for the definition meaning "rank."

Choose the Sentence in Which the Word is used Incorrectly

a. The cyclists rode in an echelon formation.

b. The man used the stairs to climb up to the next echelon in the building.

c. Only members of society's highest echelon can afford to fly in a private jet.

d. A five-star hotel will provide an echelon of service not found at lower-class hotels.

The Correct Answer is B.

echelon does not mean physical levels, but ranking, such as in society or a workplace