Kenya Night

A Night to Support Naomi's Village

Kenya Night

Friday, May 16th 2014 at 7-10pm

2570 FM 407, Suite 140

Highland Village

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What is Naomi’s Village?

Kenya is one of world's most popular quality coffee producing countries, but despite this, Kenya continues to house the impoverished and thousands of orphans.

Naomi’s Village is an orphanage in Maai Mahiu, Kenya founded by Bob & Julie Mendonsa to care for these children.

"We provide warm nurturing love, full nutrition, healthcare, excellent education, leadership training, spiritual care and counseling, and exposure to the world at large.

We constantly encourage our children to be actively involved in service to the poor as they grow at Naomi’s Village. In doing so we hope to raise the leaders of tomorrow…" To read more visit

The Evening Events

  • T-Shirts
  • Items for sale
  • Auction
  • Raffle Tickets

8pm - 10pm: LIVE MUSIC by


The Raffle

  • Beats headphone
  • Ipod shuffle pack
  • Ultimate date night package (dinner, movies, ice cream and babysitting).
  • Tickets to Hawaiian falls
  • Jewelry
  • Crafts and more
Naomi's Village Overview

Can't make it, but want to help?

Naomi's Village Website
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