The Rise of Esports

Experience the new era by Jose Lopez

The United States and several other countries in the world have started a new form of sports. They call it "E-sports," a revolutionary sort of sports that require no physical training and can be done at the comfort of your home. To those wondering how they could take part in such sport, just download any popular top of the list video game, hit play, and you have now become an amateur e-sports player. Schools have decided to integrate e-sports into their curriculum such as Garnes HIghschool. Petter Grahl Johnstad, the school's science department manager said, " it is a combination of esports training program with formal schooling qualifications." FIFA, the biggest soccer company and partners with EA release soccer games every year for the public to enjoy. FIFA professional players have taken a role in esports, not to get them confuse with the actual players, and they have an international cup every year. E sports have become very popular among teenagers and it is predicted to expand and one day replace actual sports. UC Berkeley having integrated an esporst class wants to have an upper hand when that time comes. The most popular game in E-sports has become a video game called League of Legends which is played throughout the world and many have decided to become professional leaving behind their jobs or studies. A proud highschooler wrote his plans in a esports forum stating on how he plans to drop out of highschool and become the Lionel Messi of League of Legends. Many expert scientists of all fields have predicted that this phenomenon will keep increasing at an exponential growth to the final point of no return, they call it " the 21st century makes no sense phenomenon." Many of the older generation does not agree with this kind of sport, but it is time they accepted the new counterculture. Come join e-Sports and take part of what everyone is talking about, become part of the new century and experience the change of the sport.