Weekly News

June 8-12

We are very busy in Room 207!

Projects, presentations, ST Math, Tenmarks, ancient China, writing, reading comprehension, promotion practice, field trips,…We are still very busy in Room 207. We are wrapping up loose ends, but still have a lengthy checklist of assignments and activities.

iPads and chargers

  • All iPad chargers that students brought home from school should be returned as soon as possible. I need some time to do inventory for the end of the year and need to know of any lost, missing, or broken ones.
  • The last day for students to bring home iPads will be Thursday, June 11.


Students were assigned individual playlists on Tenmarks. Please have your child work on these personalized assigned (Play List) for 20-30 minutes each afternoon.

Students continue working on ST Math.


Last week, students wrote about how their time at ECC prepared them for the future. This week, students will write to their buddies, next year's 6th grade students, their dads for Father's Day, and their future selves. As well, they will have time to work on their 6th Grade Memories Book.

Social Studies

Students did a wonderful job creating Keynote presentations on ancient India. This week they do the same for ancient China.

Reading Comprehension

We continue with our response to literature for informative and narrative texts.

Vacation Planner

Objective: You and a friend are going on a vacation and need to plan it on a budget of $2500. You must decide where you are going to go, book a flight or plan your road trip, book your hotel, book a rental car (if needed), and plan at least 1 activity per day. If you have money left over, you can schedule more activities. I look forward to hearing all the fun plans the students make.

I love this part of the day. I can't help but smile and even chuckle at the great ideas students come up with. Listening to how they adjust their travel plans based on budget has been a great learning experience for them and hopefully they'll appreciate you even more! Ask about this project and the thought process. :)

Egg Drop

Students work in pairs to construct a contraption that will keep their egg safe and in one piece after falling from the balcony to the courtyard! The finalists will drop their contraction from the school's roof! The Egg Drop Event will take place on June 15.

I am David

If you would like your child to watch "I am David," please sign the permission form. Please return by June 12. We will watch the movie and make comparisons to the book on Tuesday, June 16.

Coming Up

June 15 Egg Drop

June 16 I am David movie

June 17 San Diego Country Fair (drivers needed)

June 18 Boomers (drivers needed)

June 19 Promotion and Report Cards 8:00 AM in auditorium

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