Out of My Mind

Sharon M. Draper


In the book, Out of My Mind, Melody is a disabled 11 year old kid. She has never spoken one word out of her mouth. All her life, all of her thoughts were in her head. In her mind, she is one of the smartest kids in school but everyone thinks she is dumb since shes disabled. But she can "hear" colors and "taste" music in her head. Her head is like a camera that is always recording, she has a photographic memory. Her teacher thinks shes useless and her parents do too. But then something happens that makes her more like a normal kid, and she gets to somehow express what shes always thinking. You have to read the book to find out what happens next.

Main Character


Melody is a 11 year old kid that is physically disabled and has never spoken one word out of her mouth. She goes to school and gets laughed at everyday. Her teachers and students all think that she has nothing to say, but she does. Her mouth is just not making the thoughts come out. Melody has a younger sister named Penny too, and Penny is a "regular" kid.

About the Author

Sharon M. Draper

Sharon M. Draper was born on April 21, 1948 in Cleveland, Ohio. She graduated from Pepperdine University and Miami University. She currently has 4 kids, Wendy, Damon, Crystal, and Cory and is married. Sharon is part of the National Council of Teachers of English. She has been a national public speaker who addresses literary and educational groups of all ages. She is a five time winner of the Coretta Scott King award for books about the African American experience. Overall Sharon is a public speaker, poet, educator, and an author. Sharon M. Draper has made an overall 29 books in her whole lifetime.


Melodys Classroom

Melodys classroom is a classroom filled will all special needs kids. They all have a disability making them in that classroom. But than she finally goes to a "regular" kids classroom and joins them later in the book.
"The best book ever. This a truly inspiring story. It shows that help from people who care about can help you accomplish anything you try to do."

"This book will make you cry, laugh, and will never let you put it down. A great read for 10 - 13 year olds, especially girls."

"One of the best books I have ever read. It is very relatable, the characters are very well developed, the story is absolutely fantastic and it is incredibly well written."