Forensic Science Update

March 8, 2013

Hair, fiber and document analysis!

We have been working hard in Forensic Science learning all about how hair, fiber and questioned documents are analyzed recently and will continue in those units a little while longer. We also continued our study on some famous cases, as well as careers that are available in Forensic Science. We have quite a few in our class who express interest in a career in Forensics!


Late work and Synchronous Chat Sessions....

Several students have learned the hard way this week that turning in assignments late really impacts their grade :-( Make sure that you are working on your assignments each school day and that you strive to turn them in before the due date deadline. It is sad to put so much hard work into your assignments and then lose up to 50% off the grade right away before it is even graded! Please email or call if you have questions about your assignments! I am here to help!

Also, I would like to once again cordially invite you to our synchronous sessions on Tuesdays! I am there each week at 12pm for the Forensics AB class and 1pm for the Forensics A class. I go through powerpoints, case studies, reviews and will gladly help any of you one on one with questions or assignments as needed! Lately, I have been in the sessions with no students attending! I know that many of you are in school and busy, but if you can make it, come join me! I posted a poll question on our course page asking if it would be better to change the time or day of our sessions for you to attend. Make sure that you cast your vote on that poll (it is only ONE question!). Of course, the sessions are not mandatory, but I want to make sure that I am available to everyone who wants to attend! For those unable to attend, I always post a link to the recording on our course page in the links box. They are labeled with date and topic for your convenience and will remain there all semester. Additionally, you may email me questions or topics that you would like me to cover in the synchronous sessions!