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Mark Tucker, M.A. - Caledonia Central Supervisory Union

Childcare Needs for Essential Persons - March 22, 2020

What is New

No Childcare Sites at CCSU Schools: Contrary to what I anticipated and reported on in Thursday's newsletter (3/19) there will be no childcare services at any of the schools in CCSU on Monday.

We followed-up on Friday with all of the families of Essential Persons that had previously reported they needed childcare services, and it turned out that all of those families had either misunderstood the request, had arranged for care elsewhere, or had someone in their home who could do the childcare. Therefore, with no identified need from any of our families, none of the schools in CCSU will be offering childcare for families with Essential Persons in their households on Monday.

If the need increases with changing circumstances, we will revisit and respond. To streamline the coordination of this effort, should it arise in the future, I have designated a staff member on my Central Office team to take over as point person for the seven schools. If you are in a household with a designated Essential Person, you have a child aged six through eighth grade, and you find yourself in need of childcare, please contact Jessica Monahan at 684-3801 x 214 or by email at

Alternatively, Vermont Emergency Management (VEM) has information online for Essential Persons who need childcare, at On this site is a separate link you can use to register as an Essential Person in need of childcare. I have been monitoring the list over the weekend, and as of this writing (Sunday afternoon) there are two (2) families in Caledonia County and one (1) family in Washington County listed as needing childcare. All of the children are under the age of six (6) so they cannot be served at a public school. The list has actually shrunk quite a bit since the first time I saw it on Saturday morning; this suggests that families are finding care in the licensed facilities that are open for children birth-five.

It would be easier for us if our resident families in the eight communities served by CCSU contacted us directly - the reporting out of the VEM site is episodic and we do not have direct access to look at it whenever we might want to. Contact Jess Monahan.

I absolutely need to emphasize that if we do get requests from our resident families with Essential Persons needing childcare, we will first need to arrange the necessary staffing at the school, so do not bring children to your school without first ensuring we are set up to care for them.

In the meantime, we are feeding children and supporting their educational needs as I reported to you on Thursday.


Mark Tucker, M.A.

Superintendent, Caledonia Central SU

Note: This is the sixth in a series of newsletters as we learn about the the impact of Coronavirus in our schools and communities.

Disclaimer: Nothing in this newsletter is meant to substitute for medical advice from your family practitioner