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Class of 2022 - December 2021

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Senior To Do List - December 2021

  • College Applications! - Do you have a Regular Application deadline of January 1 or January 15? Check Naviance for regular application deadlines. Follow the steps listed below to request a transcript and letters of recommendation.

  • Guidance counselors will not be available over Christmas break so plan ahead! If you have a Jan 1 deadline please request transcripts before Christmas break!

  • Check Application Portals - Early Action application admission decisions will be coming soon. Check your emails and application portals! You might have good news in your in box!

  • Admitted! We love to hear about your accomplishments! Please let us know about college admissions decisions by completing a Senior Survey And stop by the Guidance Center so we can cheer you on!

  • Scholarships - Get serious about looking for and applying to scholarships! Check out the scholarships and scholarship search engines listed below!

  • Have you completed the FAFSA - If not, apply as soon as possible to maximize your aid! The FAFSA® form allows students to request federal grants, work-study, and loans, all in one application. It is also required for students to be considered for most scholarships. See below for more information and tips to complete the FAFSA.

  • CSS Profile - Do you need to complete this financial aid form too? Some schools require it -- check your school's financial aid websites. See below for resources.

After You Submit An Application...

  • Complete a Transcript Request Form for each school you're applying to! This authorizes your Guidance Counselor to send your transcript.

Senior Survey - College Acceptance and Scholarship Awards!

Each year Nolan Catholic celebrates the college acceptances and awards received by our senior class. These accomplishments are recognized throughout the year and during graduation. Nolan Catholic is not informed directly when you are accepted into a school and/or receive an award, so we need your help.

As you are accepted into schools and/or receive notification of awards/scholarships, please update us using the link below. We ask that you submit 1 survey response per college acceptance or recognition. We’re excited to share your achievements!



Texas A&M & University of Texas, Austin - URGENT

  • Complete a transcript request form - HERE
  • After you've submitted your application, see your counselor for help uploading needed documents (letters of recommendation, school profile, and transcript).
  • Complete the SRAR (Self-Reported Academic Record) which includes all the courses and grades you've received in high school (and sometimes middle school). See video tutorial HERE.

Texas Tech University!

Priority Scholarship Deadline is Dec 1! Maximize your scholarship opportunities by applying by the Dec 1 deadline.

Common Application - URGENT!

You must match your Common Application with your Naviance Student account. This allows Guidance to send your transcript, letters of recommendation, and other application materials to the schools in your Common App. See video below for instructions or stop by the Guidance Center. Video instructions HERE!


4 Sources of Student Financial Aid

  • Institutional Aid - This varies by college. The admission application might not automatically trigger consideration for institutional aid. Always read the college's materials to find out about the aid offered and if additional forms or applications are needed for consideration. When in doubt, contact the college's financial aid office. The FAFSA is often required to be eligible.

  • State Aid - State-supported financial aid varies by state. In some states, grants cover tuition only and are based on financial need. Some state scholarships are based solely on merit and are measured by academic achievement. Others are designed to support students interested in certain professions to help fill a shortage within the state. Some states also have loan and work programs. The FAFSA is often required to be eligible.

  • Federal Aid - Federal aid is the largest source of money for students who can demonstrate that they have financial need. The federal government has also committed a great deal of money in the form of non need-based assistance. The FAFSA is required!

  • Private Aid - Private aid typically is awarded by sources other than colleges and the federal government. Filing a FAFSA is often required to be eligible for consideration. See below for scholarships, scholarship search engines, etc.

It's Not Too Late to Apply for Financial Aid - FAFSA

  1. Student - Create an FSA ID - HERE. FSA ID's are needed in order to sign and submit your FAFSA.
  2. Parent - One parent must also create an FSA ID (separate from your student's) - HERE
  3. Use 2020 Federal Tax Return data!
  4. Use the IRS Retrieval Tool if you are eligible
  5. Complete the FAFSA for the 2022-2023 school year.
  6. Add all the colleges to which you're applying! If you add colleges to your list after you have completed the FAFSA -- just edit it and add!
  7. Use your legal name!
After the FAFSA

What happens after you submit the FAFSA?

How to Complete the CSS Profile

See here for directions on completing the CSS Profile

Employment Opportunities

Fort Worth Zoo Is Hiring!

  • Guest Services Associates
  • Apply HERE
  • Questions? Call the job line at (817) 759-7227

Tyler's Fort Worth Is Hiring!

  • Flexible, part-time hours.
  • Great employee discount!
  • To apply - Contact the store, (817) 439-9520 or
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Scholarships Awarded by a College or University

Most Colleges award admitted applicants automatic scholarships. The criteria for these scholarships are as varied as the school's themselves. Many of these scholarships are automatically awarded upon admission and are based on the student's admissions application. So, there is nothing else for you to do -- except make sure your application for admission is strong!

Check the Financial Aid and Scholarship webpages of each college you're applying to! Are there any additional applications needed (besides the admissions application)? Are there any scholarships that fit your profile and need an additional application?

Complete a Net Price Calculator for every college on your list! Net Price Calculator's, available on every college's website, are an easy tool to use to estimate how much each college might give you in scholarship money!

Scholarship search engines