The New Xbox One

Have You Been Naughty or Nice?

Will it Fit in with My Other Electronics?

Video game consoles are no longer just gaming consoles. They're computers for your living room. The Xbox hardware is big ... even by next-generation console standards. It's bigger than a cable box and Blu-ray player, but thankfully smaller than an AV Receiver.

That said, the Xbox One is tastefully designed, which makes its size less of an issue.

How is it Similar or Different from the Older XBox?

On the inside, the Xbox is now powered by the same developer-friendly 8-core processor as Sony's PlayStation 4. It also has 8 gigabytes of RAM. Controller: The Xbox One controller isn't radically changed from the Xbox 360's, but there are enough changes to warrant calling it the best Xbox controller yet. The joysticks have a deeper concave well for thumbs and a grippy ring around the edge to lessen the chances of finger slippage.

The rear triggers and shoulder buttons are bigger and more accommodating of different ways gamers may hold controllers. They also have vibration motors built into each button, which adds a more realistic dimension to certain games.

What's All the BUZZ About?

The added processing power now allows for more things to happen on screen at once. You can be battling your way through a game with hundreds of objects and characters on screen, and it will look and feel as smooth as the best titles on the Xbox 360.

The lighting effects, such as the sun shining through clouds or candlelight reflecting off metal, are noticeably better than before. That goes a long way towards making the games feel more realistic.

And little details, like the body movements of characters and the expressions in their faces as they speak, are starting to look more natural. All of this adds up to a more cinematic experience.