Let's CELEBRATE and end finish September STRONG!

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We are ROCKIN' IT, just saying'....


Let's be real.

September is a month of TRANSITION. It's a little crazy.. It's NEWNESS, CHANGE, and getting used to a whole new routine after the lazy days of summer.

Sometimes transitional times of year are, well, tricky...

People are stressed, tired, overwhelmed, and a little tapped out in the financial department after paying fee after fee for new Fall activities & back to school gear! They are feeling the crunch.

There are MANY reasons why this month, especially the first two weeks can be HARD.


It hasn't stopped YOU!

Friends, can I tell you that I have NEVER in my 5 years as a leader seen our team set up like this! We are ON FIRE. Booking Trunk Shows, getting those dates, and talking up the Hostess and Stylist Opportunities like CRAZY!!!!

I AM TELLING YOU... the ACTION you are putting in today might not bring you a ton of the RESULTS you are looking for TODAY. BUT, what it will do is bring about momentum that will pay you back HUGE in the months to follow.

40% of our Business is typically done in the last THREE MONTHS OF THE YEAR!!!!


If you haven't yet been through a Holiday Season with your biz, then GET READY! It truly is the MOST WONDERFUL TIME of the YEAR!!!

But the thing is...

YOU HAVE TO GET STARTED NOW. And keep going!! It's going to feel hard sometimes. Your'e going to be a little afraid to ask! You will hear NO. A lot. Don't take it to heart! But do keep in mind that you have something AMAZING to offer!! Hostess Rewards galore, and AMAZING experience for a lucky group of girlfriends!

If you are staring at a blank calendar today, DO NOT BE SAD! Just get started!

Keep putting it out there in an EXCITED and POSITIVE way! What you TALK ABOUT will COME ABOUT!

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Interested in growing your income and building your Stella & Dot business?

The BRAND SPARKLY NEW career level of Associate Stylist may just be the perfect career path for you!!

Be a part of Team BEjeweled HISTORY!

The first 15 new Associate Stylists on our BEjeweled team who promote themselves by Oct 31st will receive this fabulous and exclusive “THIS GIRL MEANS BUSINESS' coffee mug!
Here’s how it works…
• Be one of the 1st 15 new Associate Stylists to promote yourself before October 31st and you will get one of these fabulous coffee mugs! What does take to be an Associate Stylist ?
o Personal Qualifying Volume (PQV) – 1,200
o 1 qualified leg (min 500 PQV)
o Group Qualifying Volume (GQV) – 3,000
• Are you a Senior Stylists+ who means business too?? Earn your own pay rank and promote a NEW Associate Stylist leg on your team and you’ll get a fabulous coffee mug too!

Current Star Stylists and Directors who promote a NEW Associate Stylist on their team will earn a mug too!
Who’s in??

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$500 in Product for $99. Yes, you read that right!

It's not too late!

When you sell 2000 QV ( that's about $2100 for us ) from July to September you will earn your coupon!

Add up your sales so you know what you've got left!

At zero?! Who cares! YOU CAN still work this!

Book a show in tight for September! Host a MYSTERY HOSTESS, where someone can WIN the Free! Host your own show if you haven't yet.

KEEP AT IT! You will thank yourself when that BIG BOX of sparkle arrives!!

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Let's CELEBRATE all the EFFORT, FUN and SUCCESS that was August!

I KNOW... this is ridiculously late, but better late than never?!

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A round of applause for our top 10 in sales!

1 Michelle Toner Fort McMurray $5,278.06

2 Breanne Muzylowski Slave Lake $4,538.25

3 Janine Sept Olds $4,028.97

4 Shauna Fiddler Slave Lake $3,606.58

5 Trish T St. ALbert $3,496.80

6 Melissa Dziendzielowski EDMONTON $3,365.96

7 Heather McLellan Stony Plain $3,199.27

8 Angela Woods Fort McMurray $3,187.70

9 Erin Beraskin Edmonton $2,708.40

10 Pamela Clark Spruce Grove $2,700.10

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Congrats to all of YOU!!

1 Heather McLellan Stony Plain 3

2 Trish T St. Albert 1

3 Melissa Dziendzielowski EDMONTON 1

4 Pamela Organ Fort Mcmurray 1

5 Angela Woods Fort McMurray 1

6 Kristine Poworoznik Spruce Grove 1

7 Cindy Carlson Medicine Hat 1

*Leaders will be recognized when their 1st line Stylist achieves her first month of at least $500 Retail Sales.

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Our newest STAR! Michelle Toner!

Our newest LEAD Stylists! Lynn Coates and Kristine Poworoznik!!

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Want to WIN THIS in September!

When we hit ONE HUNDRED shows in the system this month, I will draw for THIS BABY..

Right now we are at 83 !!!

The catch is... when we hit it, whoever's name I draw MUST BE a qualified Stylist and 500 PQV!

That's about $505 in sales for SEPTEMBER!!! Book one more show! YOU CAN STILL DO THIS!

Mmm... I can almost taste the margaritas...

Have you heard of 'THE GLITCH" ?

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DOUBLE YOUR Hostess Rewards by Becoming a STYLIST!

This one bears repeating!!


When you have a Hostess that has Hostess Rewards in her account and then she Signs as a STYLIST that she gets DOUBLE THE PRODUCT?

OMG!! I know!!!


I have a rule that I ALWAYS talk to every single Hostess about the Business because I find she's the 'lowest hanging fruit' of all!! She 'gets' and loves the Trunk Show and what we do and of course LOVES everything!

I have found that the NUMBER ONE OBJECTION with those who are warm to the idea is the start-up cost and building her display, and 'the glitch' totally speaks to that concern! I also can start right away with who her first Hostesses will be because I know that they were already at her Trunk Show, and maybe even already booked! And I can tell her how lucrative it really is by telling her how much I earned at her show!

I do make sure to tell her all about how our Business is all about DOING Trunk Shows. If she's not interested in that, but just the free jewelry, I schedule her in again as a Hostess for the next new release! I know she will benefit more being a Hostess if her reason is the free But getting her to jump in right away if she's game is SO MUCH easier because she's dying to get her jewels!! It's almost a no-brainer!!!

I LOVE this added perk to help hostesses decide to GO FOR IT!!! WOOHOO!!!

Which of YOUR upcoming Hostesses will you talk to about 'the glitch'??!!

*confused on how this works? Ask your Sponsor, upline leader or me for details!

Share the LOVE with this sign-up Special all month long!!

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Heather McLellan, Senior Director

My vision is for women to make a MIND BLOWING income, have CHOICES other than the typical 9-5, and to be IN LOVE with what they do. Inspired? You can do it too!

And I'm here to help YOU with whatever you want to do! Let me know how I can help! I CAN'T WAIT to chat with YOU!



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