John Steinbeck

Born:'February 27, 1902 in Salinas, California.

Steinbeck was third of four children.

His father was a country treasurer and his mother was a school teacher.

As a child he grew up in a town stuck between farming and ranching and business men.

John worked as a laboratory assistant.

In high school he was a good athlete and student.

Steinbeck worked to support himself thorough 6 years of college at Stanford University.

He only took courses that interested him, like marine biology.

He dropped out of college before seeking a degree because he wanted to make a living by writing.

Johns first three novels went unpublished.

In 1925 he went to New York collecting impressions for his first novel.

He has published nonfiction pieces, novels, plays, and screen plays.

Most of his pieces are about/ based on northern/ central California.

During World War II he served as a foreign correspondent.

From serving he wrote a nonfiction called Bombs Away.

Steinbeck wrote a column for news day every week. The column addressed the turbulence and lack of respect for law and order that he witnessed in younger Americans.

John married three times, first to Carol Henning, second Gwyn Conger and lastly to Elaine Scott.

Steinbeck had two sons with Gwyn.

John Steinbeck later than died of a heart attack in New York City on December 20, 1968