4H Important Information


4H Information

On Wednesday, May 4th, we will have our 4H field trip. Here are a few important things to remember about our day.

  • Students will not need to bring their binders to school on Wednesday.
  • We will leave Stagecoach around 8:15 headed to the 4H center in Ferndale.
  • We will arrive back at school around 5:00 pm. Parents will need to pick up their child at the front of Stagecoach.
  • Students will be provided with lunch and snacks.
  • Students may wear sunscreen, sunglasses, or hat for sun protection.
  • Students must wear tennis shoes that are comfortable.
  • Students should wear clothes they are not afraid to get dirty. We will be outside most of the day.
  • Students should not bring any electronics, phones, or anything else that would violate our regular school rules.
  • Students should not bring a camera. Photographs will be taken by teachers and be in next week's newsletter.
  • Although this is a fun field trip, students will be learning a lot. They will need to do their very best to focus and follow directions, especially since each session begins with safety information and instructions.
  • Each group of students will be accompanied by two faculty members from Stagecoach, plus one 4H staff member. While many field trips need parents to help chaperone, the 4H center does not allow parent chaperones.
  • Students may want to bring a water bottle. They will be responsible for keeping up with it during the day.
  • Our activities include: fishing, rock wall climbing, archery, and canoeing!