Roger Pollock

Roger Pollock: Highly Accomplished

Roger Pollock: Profit Partners

Roger Pollock founded Buena Vista Custom Homes four years after selling his first development company, RMP Properties. He also established Profit Partners, a program consisting of local, nonprofit organizations that receive a profit share check for each home that Buena Vista Custom Homes sells. Roger Pollock is a graduate of Sherwood High School in Sherwood, Oregon, and attended Southern Oregon State University in Ashland.

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Roger Pollock: Personal Struggles

Roger Pollock has experienced a level of success in his life and career that most people scarcely get to witness, let alone experience. It wasn't always that way for Roger however, and along his life's journey, like so many before him, Roger has met and faced obstructions and obstacles that test even the strongest and most resilient of fortitudes. Among these obstacles was Roger's struggle against addiction. Roger became a part of a surprisingly large community of people with substance abuse issues. This struggle for Roger was often the dictator between success and failure for him throughout his career. Like many of the challenges Roger faced and endured in his life though, he did not let it get the best of him, as a matter of fact, Roger rose to meet the challenge, and even excelled in dispatching with his addiction. Roger was awarded the Freedom Award by St. Vincent Depaul, an award that recognizes excellence and achievement by those in rehabilitation and treatment programs. Roger says that he owes his success in the program to determination, and the love, care, and affection he received from family members and friends during this trying period of his life. Though Roger says that many of his struggles with addiction were grueling, that given the chance, he would not take them back, because it was through those struggles that he learned much of the world today, and it has helped cultivate him into a caring individual that understands the struggles of those around him.

Roger Pollock, though successful, has met other obstacles and personal issues in his life that have tested and tried him time and time again. One of Roger's more recent trials, he has experienced with his youngest child, who was born with Autism. When Roger's youngest was born, he himself did not know much about Autism. Since then however, Roger and his child have used the experience to help champion the cause of Autism, and raise awareness as well as funds for possible treatments and cures. Roger is a major supporter of events that further the understanding of autism. He has sponsored four lectures by a world renowned autism specialist throughout Oregon, in Eugene, Seattle, Portland. Roger has also underwrote two hundred scholarships for the Son-Rise Autism Program, a unique treatment for children and adults challenged by autism, and other developmental difficulties. Roger said the main inspiration for all of his contributions to the autism world first started because of his youngest child's affliction, and he doesn't regret it, because it helped make him passionate about helping those in need.

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Roger Pollock: A Care Taker

Roger Pollock says that he owes a large portion of his success in the business world to his own education in the field of economics and all the responsibilities and knowledge required to be a successful entrepreneur. Through his own experiences, Roger has come to realize the real importance of education, and that it will often be the predictor of success for the next generations. That is why Roger has turned an interested eye to the future of the American education system, and has made considerable contributions to several groups that foster the growth and development of youth both in his community, and communities across the nation. One of Roger's main contributions go to the Ronald Mcdonald House, a non-profit organization that pays the medical and housing expenses of treatments to children who have to undergo long or intense operations. Some of these child patients are afflicted with things like cancer or epilepsy. Roger also contributes to other youth based organizations such as the YMCA, which provides housing for indigent independent adolescents, and the Boys and Girls Club, a group that provides an active community of peers and mentors who spend time and grow together to help foster and assure good development of morals and a sense of community. Roger also contributes to the St. Mary's Home for Boys, Come Rest Awhile, Community Action, and several other youth based groups that help provide nurturing environments for the less fortunate young.

Roger Pollock says he chooses the youth as the target for most of his charitable contributions because he knows that children are the future, and that the faster they are given hope, and shown how bright and good the world can be, that the faster they will learn and grow, and even go on to innovate, perhaps not just surviving, but thriving. Roger says amongst his many charitable contributions, the most rewarding and perhaps one of his favorites, is the Make a Wish foundation. Roger says that there are few things more rewarding than the look on a child's face when he gets exactly what he wants. Roger knows that the mental state of patients in the Make a Wish foundation is often the indicator of how successful the treatment is, which is why he is never bashful with his contributions to the charity, whether it be personal time or money. Roger's main goal is simply to build a sturdier foundation for generations to come, and to leave a positive mark on this world before he departs from it.

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Roger Pollock: Working Smarter, not Harder

Roger Pollock is an embodiment of ambition and achievement. Roger is the poster boy for the American dream. Roger took nothing more than an idea, and forged it not just into a company, but a dynasty. In 1992, Roger founded RMP Properties, a real estate and construction contracting company that would go on to be one of the biggest home building companies in not only Oregon, but the entire nation. Roger would then go on to open Buena Vista Custom Homes, another real estate company that would demonstrate equal if not more amounts of success. Roger says that the two key factors to his success, ones that were recurring themes throughout all the endeavors he would inevitably face were to work smart, and to learn from your mistakes. To Roger, working smart means to research each individual job, to know your businesses capabilities inside and out, and never promise something your company cannot deliver. Using this motto, Roger has successfully completed numerous projects throughout Oregon, Washington, and California Baja Sur Mexico. Roger says another key to working smarter is to become what he calls, a student of the industry. Real estate, as with any business, is constantly evolving. With that being the case, Roger says your business must learn to evolve with it, to change and adapt to stay on the cutting edge. Roger says that assuring your builds stay modern, and that new, more efficient and effective methods don't slip under your attention, you need to remain fastidious, and constantly be on the look out for new ways to improve your business. Whether that is obtaining the latest technology, or following the most recent home building trends. Roger says that doing this is the best way to assure you and your crew work smarter, not harder.

Roger Pollock also knows that mistakes happen, that they are an inevitable circumstance at life, and no matter how good you are for how long, no one can be perfect forever. Roger doesn't see mistakes as a set back however, instead, he sees them as a learning experience. Roger commits himself to being the best at what he does, but working in an extremely diverse and extensive range of people with various backgrounds can often be challenging. Roger however, revels in the challenge, and says that he has always learned more from his mistakes and how he has handled them, than from all his successes, and those challenges and mistakes have helped mold him into the man he was today. Roger also says that if he were able to hand pick another career, he would become a writer.

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Roger Pollock: Mentors

Roger Pollock has received some of the most prestigious and coveted awards there are in the business world. Roger has experienced a level of success with such companies as RMP Properties and Buena Vista Custom Homes that many entrepreneurs could only dream of in their wildest fantasies. Both of these award winning, ubiquitous companies were founded by Roger himself, and built nearly from the ground up, starting as nothing more than a fancy in Roger's mind. It is no doubt that Roger is a capable and formidable individual amongst the business world, but he is much more than that, he is also, humble. Roger knows that no man is an island, and in order to do great things, someone must surround themselves with great people. That is just what Roger did. Roger knows that no one can do anything alone, and says he owes much of his success to the great guidance he was fortunate enough to receive throughout his life. Roger has had many mentors throughout his career, his first, and favorite, was his father, Don Pollock. Don instilled Roger with a sense of integrity, and civil duty, as well as much of the knowledge needed to succeed in the real estate world. It was with his father, while Roger worked as a laborer with his father's construction company, that Roger would learn what in meant to provide a service to his community.

Roger Pollock had many other mentors as well, all keen businessmen and just generally good people. Among them was Jim Mcgee, an associate of Roger's father who was always quick to offer Roger good advice, or at least give him a nudge in the right direction. Roger enjoyed Mcgee's quick wit and valued his experienced advice in all matters of life, not just business ones. Among other people Roger owes his success to is Ted Harris. Ted always believed in Roger, encouraging him to chase his dreams at all costs, and never compromise. Ted's vote of confidence in Roger helped give him the courage to pursue what seemed impossible at the time. Last but not least, Roger also looks up to Ken and Cheri Hicks, whose dedication and remarkable contributions both in time and money to business and charity alike, have truly been an inspiration to Roger, and he could only hope to be capable of that kind of commitment himself. Roger says that his personal passion, as well as all the great people he was lucky enough to be surrounded by were indispensable parts of his success.

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Roger Pollock: Entrepreneur

Roger Pollock is a shrewd and sharp businessman. He understands the ins and outs of marketing and economics, as well as the importance of a good business model. None of those things however, are as important as a commitment to excellence. Throughout Roger's business career, he has continued to excel in all facets of the real estate and entrepreneurial world. Roger has received innumerable awards for his services and businesses, and says that seeing a project through to it's completion, including making sure it meets all the standards of excellence your company promises to uphold, is the hallmark to success in the business world. Roger says that a man is worth no more than his word, and that in order to do well, one must simply deliver on any promises he has made, at all costs. Using this philosophy, Roger was able to catapult his home brewed company RMP Properties, into one of the largest home building American companies in the country. Roger says that achieving this was simple, and that integrity is the most powerful business tool on the market. Since then, Roger has also become involved in several groups that help ensure a business operates with integrity, these groups include the Entrepreneurs Organization, Portland Business Alliance, Lake Oswego Chamber of Commerce, and Portland Home builder Association.

Roger Pollocks first foray into the world of being an entrepreneur dated all the way back to high school, where he created an advertising firm called the Campus Covers. There Roger would learn the basics of business, but decide that he understood more about real estate and housing development that marketing and advertising. So in 1992, Roger would found RMP Properties, a real estate and construction contracting company that would go on to become the largest home building company in all of Oregon. Roger's business would end up receiving a multitude of recognitions and awards, including; #1 builder in the Portland Metro Area by the Portland Business Journal for four years running. It would also receive national ranking among home builders by Professional Builder Magazine, and Fastest Sales Growth by a home builder. Next, Roger would found Buena Vista Custom Homes. This company also grew quickly to one of the largest home building company is Oregon, was at the top of the charts for many years running, and gained national recognition by Professional Builder Magazine, the Portland Business Journal, and Daily Journal of Commerce. Roger says that his success is simply from the philosophy of finishing what you've started.

Roger Pollock: Cerritos Beach

Roger Pollock says he works smart, not hard. He is a successful real estate developer who has established two leading construction companies in the last twenty years. Most recently, Roger Pollock has looked south of the border and built four resorts in Todos Santos, a town in Baja, Mexico on Cerritos Beach.

Cerritos Beach just happens to be Roger Pollock's favorite vacation destination. The beach is renowned for its fabulous surfing, a sport that Roger Pollock loves. Longboarders have always loved Cerritos beach for its great waves and beautiful beaches.

One of Roger Pollock's Cerritos Beach resorts is called Cerritos Surf Colony, located right on Cerritos Beach. Cerritos Beach is the best beach in Cabo, and was voted first runner up in Los Cabos Magazine. Roger Pollock says that there are several surf breaks there that can be, at times, world class.

Cerritos Surf Colony is a beachfront resort of Mayan inspiration and thatched palm roofs. The free standing studio, one, two, and four bedroom villas are solar energy assisted. Cerritos Surf Colony is a neighbor to both the Hacienda Cerritos Boutique Hotel, which Roger Pollock built to be a majestic mansion hotel. Hacienda Cerritos is located on a private cliff at the shore of the ocean, and the celebrity frequented hot spot Cerritos Beach Club & Surf where guests can get surfing lessons, board rental, and great food.

Roger Pollock also built the Mayan Village Resort and Cerritos Beach RV Park, which like the others are in and around Todos Santos. Cerritos Beach is the only safe swimming and surfing beach on the Pacific for hundreds of miles.

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Roger Pollock: Preventing Substance Abuse

Roger Pollock is the founder of Buena Vista Custom Homes, one of the leading home building companies in Oregon. He is also the builder and owner of four resorts in Baja Mexico, including the Hacienda Cerritos, a luxury resort on Cerritos Beach.

With all of his business success, it might seem tempting for someone like Roger Pollock to take it easy and rest on his laurels. But that is not the kind of person that Roger Pollock is. He has always been an active member of his community, and continues his outreach through various worthy causes. He established the Profit Partners program to benefit worthy causes, like preventing substance abuse, helping people recover from addiction and children in need.

Roger Pollock began that philanthropic work to help those who need it the most, not for any personal recognition. But that kind of generosity does not go unnoticed, and Roger Pollock's efforts on behalf of his favorite causes was acknowledged with the prestigious "Freedom Award," given to him by DePaul Treatment Centers. He also received the Oregon Partnership "Circle of Giving" Award as a founding member.

Roger Pollock has also been a mentor and mental health advocate for St. Mary's Home for boys, and a Certified Crisis Counselor who has volunteered his time on an alcohol and drug abuse hotline. This is one of the things that means the most to Roger Pollock. "My favorite cause is anything to do with preventing substance abuse and helping people to recover from addiction," he says.

In addition to these efforts, Roger Pollock has underwritten two hundred scholarships for the "Son Rise" autism program, and received the "Builder Blitz" award for building a Habitat for Humanity home. He is also a supporter of Hogar del Nino, A.C., a Christian-based refuge for orphaned, mistreated, and abandoned children in Todos Santos, Mexico.

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Roger Pollock: Entrepreneurial Gifts

Roger Pollock is a highly successful entrepreneur and real estate developer from Oregon. He has been involved in many real estate projects, and affiliated with many well-known companies.

Roger Pollock has always been accomplished and ambitious. As a student at Sherwood High School in Sherwood, Oregon, he was elected as Student Body President and on the Academic Honor Role. He was also a successful athlete, lettering in football, wrestling and baseball.

He demonstrated his entrepreneurial gifts early in life. Right out of high school Roger Pollock started his very first company, Campus Covers. The business sold ads for college textbook covers. Roger then purchased Platinum Fine Arts, expanding and developing the company for four years.

Roge Pollock's background in home building began when he was still in high school, working as a laborer for his father's construction company. He later worked for another construction company in California, before finally going into the home building business for himself with RMP Properties. This company quickly took off, and was named the #1 building company for five straight years by the Portland Business Journal. Roger Pollock sold RMP Properties in 1998 at the peak of its success, and after four years got back into the business with a new home building company called Buena Vista Custom Homes.

All through his life Roger Pollock has demonstrated a desire to give back to the community. He set up a charity called Profit Partners that makes donations to worthy causes based on homes sold by his business. He has also shown a passion to mentor and be active in youth sports, coaching youth league teams for his children, and assisting the Lake Oswego High School Football Team.

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Roger Pollock: St. Mary's Home For Boys

Roger Pollock is committed to helping young people as they navigate the often-choppy waters of their teenage years. He has always been passionate about helping young people and helping drug and alcohol addicts overcome their addictions, so becoming a mentor for troubled youth at the St. Mary's Home For Boys in Beaverton, Oregon, was a natural step. Roger Pollock as been associated with this treatment program for five years.

The St. Mary's vision statement puts their philosophy very simply: All youth are treatable. This is in absolute accord with the basic philosophy of Roger Pollock. As he knows, St. Mary's offers residential treatment and services to at-risk boys between the ages of ten and seventeen who are emotionally disturbed and behaviorally delinquent. The home's individualized program provides each boy there with a structured regimen to ensure his successful transition to public school, the community, and appropriate living environment.

Roger Pollock knows how powerful a single, positive influence can be on the lives of a troubled young person, which is one of the reasons he has been so committed to St. Mary's Home for Boys. His role included promoting the boys' moral, spiritual, emotional, intellectual, and physical development within a system of Christian Values.

For five years, Roger Pollock met with a young man at St. Mary's named Ian, and spent time mentoring him. They met every Wednesday and holiday and Roger Pollock spent time mentoring him. And it made a huge difference in Ian's life: after his graduation from St. Mary's, Roger Pollock helped him get his first. For Roger Pollock, the only goal was their success in life. "It didn't matter what they had done," he said. "I loved those boys."

Studies have shown that with the help of mentors like Roger Pollock, eight of every ten boys graduating from St. Mary's treatment program will return to his family, be placed in a less structured care facility, or become gainfully employed if they are eighteen years old.

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Roger Pollock: No Shortcuts to Success

Roger Pollock is a leading Oregon businessman who has founded two successful custom homebuilding companies. He started RMP Properties in 1990 and built it into one of the largest custom home companies in Oregon. He sold it in 1998, took a few years off, and then got back into the business in 2002 with the launching of Buena Vista Custom Homes. Like its predecessor, Buena Vista quickly became a dominant force in the Oregon homebuilding community.

Roger Pollock says there are no shortcuts to success. He says that one of the things that helped him most has been to read everything about other successful people that he was able to get his hands on. He also studied leaders in fields other than construction and homebuilding.

Looking back on it now, Roger Pollock says that selling RMP Properties was the best business decision that he has ever made. He says that it is right up there with his decision to join the Young Entrepreneurs Organization.

Roger Pollock has since become a committed philanthropist and supporter of many worthy causes. One of the things that means the most to him is preventing the scourge of drug abuse. He has spoken to many colleges and high schools in Oregon about drug awareness, took 40-plus hour classes on crisis hotlines, and volunteered three hours of his time every week to answer calls. For his efforts Roger Pollock was given the prestigious "Circle of Giving" award by Oregon Partnership, which honors all the participation and support that Roger Pollock has given.

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Roger Pollock: Web Site Re-design

Roger Pollock is the founder and owner of Buena Vista Custom Homes, the largest homebuilding company in the State of Oregon. He is also the founder of RMP Properties, another successful homebuilding company he sold in 1998.

Roger Pollock has developed many successful properties over the course of his career, most recently a series of resorts along Cerritos Beach in Baja, Mexico. Cerritos Beach is renowned for its great natural beauty and its great surfing.

To promote his various business interests and provide a means of interacting with the public, Roger Pollock and his company have partnered with Anvil Media ant Art4orm to help in the launch of the Buena Vista Custom Homes website. Anvil Media is a search engine marketing services company that specializes in search engine marketing, social media and analytics, while Art4orm is a strategic design and visual communications advertising agency. Both companies are based in Portland, Oregon.

He selected Anvil and Art4orm, Roger Pollock says, to make sure the re-design of the Buena Vista site is completely up-to-date in both search engine efficiency and user friendliness. The new site keeps the existing design and user experience of the earlier Buena Vista site. "We want to be a builder that is looked at nationally as one that is on the leading edge of technology," he said. "We are excited about the work Anvil and Art4orm have done, and we are proud of the finished product."

Ironically, Roger Pollock is not particularly interested in the Internet. "I actually have never been on the Internet," he concedes.

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Roger Pollock: Mexico On His Mind

Roger Pollock is the founder of Buena Vista Custom Homes, which he built into one of the largest and most successful custom home companies in Oregon. He is also the founder of RMP Properties, which he owned and operated from 1990 to 1998.

All along, Roger Pollock has had Mexico on his mind. He says that Cerritos Beach in Baja Mexico has always been one of his favorite places, and that is why he chose it as the site of four resorts, including Hacienda Cerritos, a luxury, boutique resort on a private bluff high above the beach.

Roger Pollock lived at Cerritos Beach after he got out of Southern Oregon State University, before he went into business for himself. The beach is renowned for its surfing, and important point for Roger Pollock, who is an avid surfer. The area is known for its great natural beauty, with white sandy beaches and a rugged coastline.

Three more Roger Pollock developments are situated along the secluded and wind-swept beach: the Cerritos Beach RV Park, Cerritos Surf Colony, and the Mayan Village Resort. Cerritos Beach is a popular place for powered paragliding; It is also the only swimmable beach on the Pacific coast for hundreds of miles. Cerritos Beach is in the town of Todos Santos which, as Roger Pollock likes to point out, means "Magic Town" in English.

There are plenty of other activities for visitors to Hacienda Cerritos, says Roger Pollock, including golf, surf lessons, and horseback riding. Roger Pollock says Cerritos Beach is the perfect Mexican getaway, and a great destination for the entire family.

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Roger Pollock: Profit Partners

Roger Pollock built Buena Vista Custom Homes into the largest homebuilding company in the state. He has never taken his success for granted and kept up the hard work that made it possible. As a means of giving back to the community, he created Profit Partners, which he says is program of local, nonprofit organizations that receive a profit share check for each home his company sells.

"Profit Partners means so much to me," Roger Pollock says. "Every day I get excited about the positive things that we have been able to do through the program. It's really gratifying to hear the success stories."

To date, Profit Partners has given more than one million dollars to charity. Roger Pollock says that he wants to use Profit Partners as a way of making a difference in society, and the communities in which he builds. He also wants to have a positive impact on the lives of people who could use a helping hand.

Roger Pollock is an outspoken advocate of substance abuse prevention and addiction recovery. He has been an alcohol and drug abuse hotline volunteer for Oregon Partnership, and has been a mentor at the St. Mary's Home for Boys.

The donations by Profit Partners has helped fund programs like the Methamphetamine Awareness Project, the Parents Teaching Prevention Program, and the Suicide Hotline. Project coordinators say the programs would never have had the positive results they got without the consistent support of Buena Vista Custom Homes and Profit Partners.

Roger Pollock and Buena Vista Homes have also supported the Transitional Youth program, and Habitat for Humanity.