Hades, God of the Dead

By Jacob harris and Parker Walter

General info:

Hades, god of the dead seen as rich and wealthy, as he is in the underworld where most of the jewels, diamonds, etc lie. Most called him pluto, fearing that if they were to say his name, he would hear them and take their souls.

Physical description

Hades is seen in many ways, but most of the time he is dressed in robes, with some type of crown atop his head.

Fight against Cronus, ruler of the Universe

Cronus ate his children as they were born, because an Oracle told him that one day one of his kids would overthrow him. Making Rhea angry, she gave Cronus a stone instead of a baby. after the baby Zeus grew up, he made his father give back the others and they declared war. Poseidon held Cronus still, while Zues stunned him, Hades then killed him, ending his reign.