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Class of 2020 Graduation Information

To our Benicia High School Class of 2020 Graduates and Families:

The Benicia Unified School District is excited to celebrate the accomplishments and contributions of the Senior Class. To that end, Benicia High School is proud to announce our alternative plan for our 2020 BHS Graduation Commencement. I appreciate the suggestions and support we have received from our school community. We all want to provide the best experience and memories for our students. It is important to include and honor all of the special traditions of a Benicia High School graduation that we have enjoyed for many years. To accomplish that goal, we will create a polished and professional graduation ceremony that we will broadcast on June 6th so that every Benicia High student and family, as well as family and friends across the country, will be able to watch the graduation together. After the graduation ceremony has ended, we invite all of our graduates, with their families, to drive to Benicia High School to receive their diploma and other items.

It is necessary that we graduate our Seniors at the close of their academic year and cannot hold their diplomas beyond that time. Also, many of our Seniors have plans to move on after June 6th, to military service or other relocation. Keeping this in mind, we will provide an inclusive and traditional graduation ceremony on June 6th and then, when state and local guidelines allow for gatherings, we will strive to provide a special celebratory event for the Class of 2020 to come together as we recognize that they have missed many important events.

Please read the following plans carefully as there are some changes from the previous letter and many additional details about our graduation ceremony program:

On Monday May 11th and Tuesday May 12th, each Senior and up to four family members (parents and/or legal guardians or siblings only) will report to Drolette Stadium during their scheduled time. Please note that this limit will be enforced as we must adhere to strict guidelines in order to provide this plan. Seniors should wear their cap and gown for this appointment. They will be filmed having their name announced, walking to the podium/presentation area, and receiving their diploma cover. Next, they will walk to a designated area to have their graduation photo taken by a professional photographer. Seniors may decorate their graduation cap and can submit a photo or video of their decorated graduation cap and/or tossing their cap for a special video montage to before May 8th. Benicia High School will purchase and provide a graduation picture for each Senior as a token of appreciation for all you have accomplished. The picture will be given to you when you pick up your diploma.

We will record each segment from our traditional graduation program. This will include the Pledge of Allegiance, National Anthem, Senior Class President’s Welcome, performance from our Panther Band Seniors, speeches from the Valedictorian and Salutatorians, Presentation of the Class, and Summit Awards. Each segment will be professionally filmed and edited in order to showcase each of our Seniors and all of our traditional ceremony elements. This will be available to view on Saturday, June 6, 2020 at 11:00 a.m., the traditional graduation date and time, via YouTube (link will be provided) and on the Benicia Government Access Television Channel (Comcast channel 27 or AT&T U-Verse channel 99). Students will be able to watch their own graduation for the first time ever while in the presence of their family, and it will also be available to the entire Benicia community as well as family and friends around the world. It will remain available for you to watch after that time as well.


At the conclusion of the ceremony’s broadcast, we invite our graduates in their cap and gown, along with their family to drive to Benicia High School where we will distribute diplomas, graduation pictures, and Summit Awards from 1:00 to 2:00pm in a drive-thru style event. We encourage students to decorate their cars and ask our Benicia Community members to come outside at that time to cheer, wave, and show their support for the Class of 2020!

While this process will take many hours and the cooperation of our staff, students, and families, we feel this will best capture the true celebration of this significant accomplishment in your life and continue the great traditions of the Benicia High School ceremony for the Class of 2020. We want to thank our staff, volunteers, and many others for their time and generosity in support of the Class of 2020. A special thank you and recognition of the team at Northgate for their partnership and their donation of the production of the ceremony with film, editing, and creation of this special graduation program for us. Now is the time for us to come together as a school community to celebrate the Class of 2020, remember the amazing times they have shared, the difficulties they continue to overcome, and the incredible adventures ahead of them.

Go Panthers!

Brianna Kleinschmidt
Principal, Benicia High School & Proud BHS Alum, Class of 1997

Please Note On Your Calendar:

  • May 11th & 12th: Taping of the BHS Graduation at Scheduled times ONLY - Please park in the upper parking lot, entering from Plaza De Oro (like parking for a football game). The baseball/tennis driveway gate will be closed to cars. Follow all signs and directions from staff. We will have a line formed as needed, with proper spacing of 6 feet between each family. No signs, balloons, or other items will be permitted as this is not a gathering or a celebration - please save those items for June 6th. At the conclusion of the appointment, we ask that you promptly depart so that we can keep the area as clear and safe as possible. Campus will not be open.

  • Your final day of school is Thursday, June 4th. You do not have school on Friday, June 5th so that your teachers have time to finalize and submit grades.

  • Seniors - Plan to return all textbooks, BUSD Chromebooks, and other school materials on Thursday, June 4th from 3:00 to 5:00pm or Friday, June 5th from 1:00-3:00pm. When you drop off your items, you will also be able to clean out your school locker and PE locker.

  • On June 6th, the graduation ceremony will be broadcast on Youtube and on the Benicia Government Access Television Channel (Comcast channel 27 or AT&T U-Verse channel 99). After the ceremony, at 1:00pm, students will come to Benicia High School for a drive-thru distribution of their diploma, and graduation picture. You are welcomed and encouraged to decorate your cars for this event. Link to Graduation Broadcast:

Important Notes:

  • If a student has a conflict with their scheduled time due to AP exam, transportation, or other issue, please have the student email to let us know of the conflict and two possible times to reschedule on May 11th or May 12th. We ask that this be kept strictly to conflicts so that we can complete this portion of filming on schedule.
  • If a student does not attend their scheduled appointment, and is not filmed in their cap and gown, we will not be able to provide a picture and will not be able to film their announcement to be included in the ceremony. Instead, we will use their Senior picture from the yearbook with a voiceover of their name to make sure to include every student in the Presentation of Students portion of the ceremony.
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Celebrating Your Next Step & Future Class of 2020 Gatherings

High school is just the beginning and we want to celebrate with you as you take the next step in life. Let us know what that next step will be by completing this Google Form and sending a screenshot to note your plans for post-high school: career, college, military, apprenticeship, traveling, or other plans. We will recognize and celebrate the Class of 2020 by creating a special slideshow to share with you.

Please also use this form to provide your personal email address that you can be reached at after graduation so that we can stay in touch with you for future BHS events for the Class of 2020!

Please submit this form and the accompanying screenshot to Ms. Gladi in the Counseling Office no later than May 8th. Email:

Keep the Tradition Going: Grad Cap Decoration & Toss

Hey Seniors, we have a special project and want to include YOU! Take a short video (10 seconds or less) of you in our graduation cap & gown, tossing your cap in the air. We recommend you do this outside if possible, but follow social distancing guidelines - no groups of students together. You are encouraged to decorate your grad cap if you would like to and show that in the video also. Or, you can take a picture of you in your gown with your decorated cap.

Submit your video or picture to Mr. O'Reilly at to be included in a video montage that we will include as part of the graduation ceremony!

SENIORS - Submit Your Photos for Your Senior Slideshow!

Your BHS Leadership and Senior Reps are working on your Senior Slideshow and want everyone to submit photos to make it the best Senior Slideshow possible.

Please submit around 10 photos from your high school experience - group pictures, special events, fun activities, from freshman year to senior year. Send your pictures to Senior Class President, Ryanne Balmediano, via

Official BHS Transcripts - Order Now!

Every Senior has the opportunity to have one free official transcript sent to the college or program you plan to attend after high school. To order your official transcript, complete this Google Form no later than June 5th to provide the necessary information (must be logged into BHS student email to access this form). BHS will then mail out the requested transcript as directed by June 30th. Additional requests for official transcripts or requests received after June 5th are subject to the regular fee of $5 per official transcript.

Outstanding Student Account Balances

Please log into your student account on the BHS Webstore to see if you have any outstanding items on your account balance. If so, the balance owed will be highlighted in red and is able to be paid by debit or credit card through that system. Outstanding student account balances may be a result of missing textbooks or library books, outstanding athletic purchases, or damaged/re-issued Chromebook items.

Please note, that these outstanding student account balances do not include your current textbooks and Chromebook that are in your possession. Those will need to be returned on Thursday June 4th or Friday June 5th. Items that are not returned will result in a fine assessed to your student account.

We want to thank First Baptist Church of Benicia for their generous donation to pay for outstanding balances to Student Meal Accounts. As a result, no students owe any past meal charges.

If you need any assistance navigating the BHS Webstore or a question regarding your outstanding balance, please contact Janelle Sapp in our Finance Office at If your family is experiencing financial hardships due to COVID-19, please let us know so that we can help.

Senior Awards Recognition

Benicia High School holds a Senior Awards Recognition Event each year to celebrate Seniors receiving scholarships, entering into military service, and those who have earned the Principal Scholar's Honor Roll (cumulative 4.0+ gpa for high school career). This year's recognition event will be will be sent out to the Class of 2020 students and parents in late May.

Seniors, if you have received an outside scholarship or if you are joining the military, please make sure to submit this information to Ms. Gladi in the Counseling Office no later than Friday, May 8th using the form below.

Link to Senior Award Form - Please note, you must be logged in with your BUSD student account to complete this form.

2020 Yearbook Information

The 2020 Pride Yearbook was completed and is currently being printed by our publishing company. Due to COVID-19, the shipment of the yearbooks to Benicia High School is expected to be delayed by a few weeks, until mid-June. As soon as the yearbooks arrive, we will communicate that out to students and parents, with plans for how we will distribute the yearbooks.

Yearbooks are still available for pre-order/purchase until we are sold out. Please use the BHS Webstore to purchase your yearbook.

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If you have not received your Class of 2020 yard sign, please email with your name, address, and request so that we can make sure that every senior receives their special gift!

If you received your yard sign and would like to order/purchase additional signs, please contact the company that provided these for us directly, at

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