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September 9, 2019

Ebinport's Vision Statement

Alongside families and our community, we are cultivating and nurturing lifelong learners to excel in an interdependent global society.

Faculty and Staff Birthdays

Jo Ann Walkup - September 12

Lisa Beard - September 13

Sarah Dagenhart - September 19

Amanda Jackson - September 23

Lisa Clark - September 30

What's Happening?

What's Happening This Week:


  • Pastries with the Principal (for Pre-K and Kindergarten Families) at 7:30am
  • MAP Testing for 3rd - 5th Grades
  • 4th Grade Parent Meeting at 6:00pm


  • MAP Testing for 3rd - 5th Grades
  • Girl Scout Night at Ebinport


  • MAP Testing for 3rd - 5th Grades


  • MAP Testing for 3rd - 5th Grades


  • MAP Testing for 3rd - 5th Grades
  • Dental Van at Ebinport

What Is Coming Up:

  • September 16-20: Map Testing for 1st and 2nd Grades
  • September 16-20: Progress Reports will go home this week
  • September 26: Lunch Buddies at Ebinport
  • September 26: "If You Don't Know the Sender, It Might be a Pretender" - Information Session for Families at 5:30pm
  • September 30 - October 4: BOOK FAIR

Pastries with the Principal for PreK and Kindergarten Families

Big picture

Let Me Run Begins Soon: Register Now!

Let Me Run is a running program for 4th and 5th grade boys, but it’s more about the boy than the run. Counteracting the negative pressures society places on boys, the program uses running as the vehicle to inspire, teach, and reach them. Combining exercise with fun activities and lessons, our trained coaches inspire boys to be courageous enough to be themselves, build healthy relationships, and live an active lifestyle.

Registration at Ebinport is now open! The fall season starts on September 18th, meets Mondays and Wednesdays from 2:40pm - 4:00pm, and ends with a 5k race on Saturday, November 9th. Watch this video to learn more and register at LetMeRun.org. Questions? Email Jimmy Sawczuk at jsawczuk@gmail.com. Scholarships are available!

Parking Notice

Parents and Families - Please do not park on private property and allow your children to walk to school from there (or walk with them to school from there). As we get into the swing of drop-off, the car line goes quicker and quicker so please simply drop your kids off at the school itself. Thank you!

Allowable Snacks in the Classroom

Dear Parent/Guardian,

The Health Advisory Committee for the school district has met over the past two years to develop a healthy snack list for classrooms. The list provided below has been approved by the district as allowable snacks for the classroom. The list was compiled by the district Health Advisory Committee using feedback from the School Improvement Councils (during the 2017-18 school year), and parent survey responses from the spring of 2018. The snacks listed meet SMART Snack guidelines recommended by USDA.

Based upon USDA Nutrition Standards and School Board Policy ADF - District Wellness, the following list of approved snacks are the only allowable snacks for classroom celebrations or parties. No homemade goods are permitted. Snacks must be individually wrapped or in purchased container/package. Valentine’s Day parties are excluded from using the list.


Cheddar crackers or graham crackers

Sun chips or similar baked chips

Frozen fruit bars (Ex. Whole Fruit, Outshine, Dole or store brand equivalent)

Fresh fruit – Individual serving/wrapped or in purchased package container

Fresh vegetables – Individual serving/wrapped or in purchased package container

Low fat dips

Fruit cups (Ex. In water, light syrup, or 100% juice)


Apple sauce cups

Gelatin cups or pudding cups

Fruit and veggie pouches

Cheese sticks (Individually wrapped)

Pepperoni or turkey pepperoni (In purchased package container or individual sticks)

Water/Flavored Water

*This list does not address allergies. Please remember to always check specific allergies with your classroom teacher 48 hrs. prior to bringing food to the school. Accommodations will be made for students with allergies.

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