Nathaniel Hawthorne

By: Jake Mayes

Early Life

Nathaniel was born July 4, 1804 in Salem, Massachusetts. His family had a long history in England connecting him to his father and Puritanism. To distinguish himself from the long family legacy Nathaniel added a "W" to Hathorne so no body would confuse him with his father, or any of his ancestors. When Nathaniel was 4 his father died of Yellow

fever. So Nathaniel's upbringing was left to his mother.


Hawthorne had no desire to go to college, because he felt like he already knew what he wanted to do with his life. Nathaniel wanted to be an author. Even though he wasn't interested in a larger education Nathaniel enrolled in Bowdoin College in 1821 to appease his mother and uncle. Especially after Nathaniel's Uncle helped fiancee his higher education because it was so hard for his single mom to pay for college all on her own.
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Popular writings

Nathaniel's writing connection

Nathaniel Hawthorne's writing crosses between Gothic ideas and Romanticism. His most famous work was the "Scarlet Letter" which crossed these 2 types of writing he was so famous for. A young women who was caught committing adultery and forced to wear an A on her chest as public shame for the whole Puritan community to see. This morbid shame for the town to see reflects Nathaniel's gothic ideas, but through it all she will not give up the name of her lover. This shows the romantic side of the women, even through it all she still loves the man enough to not say his name to the people who are shaming her
Nathaniel Hawthorne

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