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March 2017

Dates to Remember

ISTEP Testing: February 28 - March 3

End of Third Nine-Weeks: March 10

Spring Break: April 3 - 7

February's Newsworthy Classrooms

Lights, Camera, Action!

Western Boone's Radio/TV classes allow students to write, produce, edit, and star in a live daily news broadcast for Western Boone students. With recent upgrades to high definition video and live-streaming capabilities, students are gaining valuable skills they can immediately apply to careers in broadcasting.

"I really enjoy seeing my students confidence grow throughout the year as they learn the equipment along with the process of putting together a real-world news broadcast. With the recent upgrade to HD, Western Boone is now on a level playing field with some of the biggest TV programs across the state." - Mr. Foxworthy

"Radio and TV at Western Boone has impacted my life in such a positive way. Not only in this class do you meet new friends from different schools, but you get to have a fun time while enjoying a hands-on class that grades you on activities and projects, not solely based on tests and memorization. Because of the Western Boone Radio/TV program with Mr. Foxworthy, I have found my passion, and will be majoring in Film and Video Studies after High School." - Grace Dickerson

"Radio and TV has been a fantastic class that has been fun, yet it has still challenged me as a student. It has taught me how to work with others and how to communicate in front of a camera, as well as learn how to work behind one. I would recommend Radio and Television class to any student, no matter what career they are pursuing." - Korbin Lough

"I absolutely love the Radio/TV class, I love all of the hands-on experiences offered and how the environment is so welcoming. It's so fun to learn every aspect of being in TV and radio production, and then getting to apply what we have learned in our daily broadcasts!" - Hailey Leonard

Former Radio/TV students currently working in broadcasting:

  • Michael Behrens is currently working as a broadcast meteorologist in Saginaw, Michigan at CBS 5
  • Jason Strong and Tony Grant are photojournalist at WRTV-6 in Indianapolis
  • Nina Munroe is a radio DJ at KWVE 107.9 in Long Beach, California.
  • Evan Richardson is a producer at Perfect Cut Production in Chicago, IL.

Examples of Radio/TV's Work

Category 8 LIVE Newscast Western Boone High School
Cinematography Jalyn Norton 2017

WeBo's Cultural Crossroads

Western Boone's Cultural Crossroads, put together by Mrs. Brunty and Miss Skoda, challenges students in Spanish to fully engage in a different culture. Students worked numerous hours on their projects which culminated in a day of presenting and sharing information about each student's country.

"Cultural Crossroads began as a college project and has grown into an amazing opportunity for the entire school and even the community to watch the language come alive! The greates thing for me, as a teacher, is to see when students are able to make a true connection to the language and culture and realize how much of a role a foreign language can play in their lives." - Mrs. Brunty

"Cultural Crossroads gave me an experience to look outside of my little world to learn about all the amazing people and cultures this big world holds and encourage me to want to help and learn as much as I could about them all. This project also gave me a push to want to continue my studies of the language and culture in Spanish 4." - Lucy Evans

"It was a very neat experience. I was able to collaborate with other kids in our school and teach them about my topic. It was a reversed role of the students teaching students. Getting out of the classroom and interacting with peers and the community helped me step outside of my box and become more audacious." - Shelby Dorwart

Bringing Wireless Connectivity Home

Western Boone Jr.-Sr High School will be allowing students the opportunity to check out mobile hotspots to have wireless internet at home. Through this pilot program, Western Boone has purchased six mobile hotspots that students will be able to check out through the Media Center. Students will be able to check these out just as they would a book, but they will only be able to keep them up to three days at a time.

Policies for checking out a mobile hotspot:

  • Students will be able to check out a mobile hotspot for three days. After three days, the device must be returned and not checked out again by the same student for three days.
  • If a mobile hotspot is not brought in on its due date, it will be shut down so that it no longer provides a connection. Students who fail to bring in the mobile hotspot after five days will no longer be allowed to check one out for the remainder of the nine-weeks.
  • Mobile hotspots are for academic use only and should be used appropriately. All internet traffic is routed through Western Boone filters.
  • If lost or damaged, the student who checked out the device is responsible for repair/replacement of the device.
  • Students can not check out mobile hotspots over extended breaks.

Counselors' Corner

This is just a reminder that most of the remaining scholarship deadlines for Seniors occur this month! If you need help applying, please contact the guidance office or check out the scholarship section of our webpage that can be found under the "How do I pay for College?" link under the "Guidance" tab on the Webo homepage.

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This section of the website houses information about different types of financial aid that are available, the senior newsletter with dates specific scholarships are due, applications for some of these scholarships, and links you to the Federal Student Aid website, which is a great place to start learning about how to pay for college. The online Indiana College Cost Estimator ( is a great starting point for families as well.

LOL of the Month

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