Au gimme some gold

Basic info on gold

Element Name: Gold

Symbol: Au

Atomic number: 79

Atomic weight: 196.966569

Group: 11

Period: 6

Color: Gold

Classification: Metallic


Gold is found mainly as rocks.
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Uses for gold

Teeth, jewelry, and coloring ceramics and glasses are all uses for gold.
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metallic yellow in color, malleable and ductile, shiny, soft metal, coinage metal.

Biology and geology

Gold is found in seawater and free nature. It is not found any where in the human body.

Properties of Gold

Melting point: 1947.52 °F Boiling point: 5173 °F
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Interesting facts

2/3 of gold comes from South Africa from large rocks, Gold is used to treat cancer and other conditions, Gold is found in seawater, it is a good conductor of heat and energy. Gold can often turn pink, purple, blue and even black. The price of Gold changes day by day.