African Sleeping Sickness


Viruses Affecting The Healthy Cells

The viruses affect the healthy cells becuase the viruses injects genetic material into the host cell and duplicates. Itself into more viruses

Type of Pathogen

The type of pathogen causing this disease is Protozoa

How does it Spread?

This disease spreads becuase of a flying Tsetse Fly that causes this disease

Historical Outbreaks

The African Sleeping Sickness Had

•1 outbreak in 1806-1906 in Uganda and Congo

•2 outbreaks in 1920-1970 in several African countries

Where is it prevalent ?

This disease is prevalent in Africa because that's where the Tsetse Fly is located.

Vaccines For This Disease?

Some Vaccines for this disease are

•Pertamidine vaccine

•Suramin Vaccine

Role of CDC

(centers for diseases control)

As part of CDC I provide general and global information about the African Sleeping Sickness and give a better explaing of the disease to the doctor and patient