Martin Luther: Saint Or Sinner

By Kendi Barnard

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Martin Luther As A Saint

  • Luther's 95 Theses was Luther's "comments" on what the church should do to make it less corrupt and to stop them from taking the peoples' money. The Theses caused many people to see how to church was taking advantage of them like making them buy indulgences to "save" theirs and their family's souls when indulgences were merely pieces of paper. The Theses also caused the church to make some reformations to accommodate the needs of the church's followers with these new ideas from the 95 Theses.
  • Martin Luther, like many other people wanting reformation in the church at this time, saw the major flaws in the church. Charging people to see sacred relics, making money buy creating "indulgences". There were many problems relevant. However, Luther was a Saint, in a way, because he was brave enough to speak out against the church and to defy them to stand up for what he believed in.
  • Luther started the new church with the reformations he wanted. This gave people a chance to leave the corrupt catholic church and to join a new church with reformations that would benefit the people such as it being free to see relics.
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Martin Luther As A Sinner

  • Though it was brave of Martin Luther to speak out against the church and to confess to it, it was a MAJOR sin against the whole entire Catholic community. He broke many rules and ripped apart the church just by basically making a list of 95 complaints.
  • As well as publishing works that went against the church, he also now believed in different things that the church would not stand for and didn't believe in some things, such as indulgences, that the church did, which was obviously a sin.
  • Martin some how "escaped" or was taken from his execution. For speaking out against the church, he was sentenced to death but was in a way Saved by John Huss who brought him to a castle and locked him up there, but didn't kill him. He was taken, but he avoided his death at the same time. This might have been a blessing to Luther, but it was a sin to the church.
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