Animal Welfare

By Peter Asmanis

Why is this such a big issue in Australia?

1. It is cruel

Factory farm animals never get used to the unnatural system of close confinement therefore these animals live under stress, because of this they often attack each other and in some cases kill. Pigs are forced to live on concrete and steel floors (this causes foot and joint deformities). To prevent this from happening farmers then mutilate the animal (eg. Hens are debeaked and piglets tails, eyes and teeth are pulled out)

2. It's wasteful

Factory farmers clear land in order to grow the animals food but instead of clearing what they need they clear almost 3 football fields of land and 90% of it isn't being used. As a result of this people and factory animals are competing for food.

3. It is bad for the environment

By wasting food, factory farms are wasting land and water, therefore it is clearing away animals natural habitat

4. It's unhealthy

Factory animals take drugs and antibiotics to cope with their conditions. As a result of this traces of drugs and antibiotics are then found in the meats we buy. More medicines are sold (given) to factory farms than the human population

What is factory farming? - Us and the planet


  • Educate your friends and family bit by bit about what is involved in today's food production methods

  • Modify your diet bit by bit to a more ethical, healthier one - don't wait until your first heart attack to hear your doctor suggest you eat less meat and more fruit and vegetables! Don't be afraid to educate yourself about a cruelty free diet - it is possible and millions of people live well on it


Make it Possible - how to end factory farming

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