Panther Notes

Week March 16-20

Inclement Weather Make Up Days- Next Steps

March 23-25 and Friday, April 17 are now full school days for students. The expectation is that these days are focused on instruction for students. If you have questions about lesson activities or ideas, see your grade level administrator.We expect district leaders to visit schools during these days to see instruction or review of instruction taking place in all schools.

Administrators will work with each grade level this week to discuss instruction and supervision for March 23-25.

Action Needed:

Notify administration and Debbie Falcon if you are not able to be here on March 23-25. This is important to do in advance as we have to know what is needed for instruction and supervision.

Complete the appropriate leave forms in advance and submit to Debbie Falcon. Please submit all leave forms to Debbie only.

If you have questions or concerns about snow make up time, please see Dr. B.

Testing Updates

Case 21 tests will be given this Tuesday and Wednesday. School will operate on a 2 hour delay schedule. Testing will be first thing in the morning. You will see all of your students during the day after testing.

Whole classes will move to administrators. All test locations were put in mailboxes on Friday. 6th grade is blue, 7th grade is yellow, 8th grade is pink. The green form tells you what classes will test where. If you were not listed on a schedule, you will receive information on Monday. You will either serve in a hallway monitoring or in the testing office.

Remember green is "go." If you have a student on your roster with a green highlight, that student needs to go to that location. If you have a student on your roster that is highlighted in orange, it means they have a mod within the classroom. Please pay careful attention to the modifications provided.

The testing office will open at 7:15. Come by and pick up your things between then and 8:00. Everyone needs to count their materials before they leave the area. Every attempt has been made to be sure we are "spot on." Double checking your book count will confirm that you have everything you need.

Testing Radar

We are starting to get many questions about end of the year test schedules. The testing office and admin are ironing out the schedule and will release it to you as soon as it is finalized. The testing window is May 18 through June 5. If parents ask, tell them the schedule will be posted online soon. We need every student to test. If a parent indicates anything to you about their child possibly missing school during the test window, let Kandie know ASAP!

Testing office Congratulations:

Congratulations to Amanda Muise (English), Jiho Cha (Math II) and Sravya Kuchibhotla and Jason Zhang (both Math III). These students participated in CDM testing and passed phase one! This is a very difficult process! These students will move into phase 2. We will know at the end of April if they receive full credit for a class by CDM!

See you early Tuesday morning!

Special Education Testing Update

Spring Special Education Literacy Assessments are going to be administered on Tuesday, March 31st and Wednesday, April 1st to all of our special education students with reading goals on their current IEP's. Kristen Combs will provide more details as it gets closer and will send out a testing schedule in advance.

BYOD Questions & Answers

Thank you for your leadership with BYOD. The BYOD committee met on Thursday and discuss the concerns submitted. Please note the following clarifications:

Concern: It is a red day in the classroom and student phones are going off during class.

Response: Set the expectation at the beginning of class for students. Have all students to turn their phones off and put them away before class starts. If specific students continue to violate this then see an administrator for direction.

Concern: Students needing to bring bookbags to class to carry devices.

Response: We are not changing the procedure for book bags in the classroom. Bookbags are not allowed in the classroom. Students can take a drawstring bag to class to carry their device. If there is a specific concern or circumstance, see an administrator for guidance.

Classroom Reminder: If we announce for students to bring their own device, please make it clear to them it is optional and only if they are BYOD approved. As we know students at this age may present information differently to parents. We want to make sure we let students know that we will either provide a device or they can partner for learning if they are not BYOD approved.

In an effort to keep parents informed, BYOD committee members will share an update on BYOD @ DDMS on Wednesday, March 18 at the PTA meeting.

Transfer Information

The transfer window is open for employees. In addition to completing the online transfer request, current employees must apply through the WCPSS Applitrack system. Information is posted on the Intranet about the process. If you have questions, feel free to see Dr. B.

Observations for March 16-20

Bryant- Miller, Neuhauser

Gaudet- Jones, Lederer, Cooper

Williams- Meteoyer, F. Rice

Yaeger- Meyer, L. Rice

Upcoming Meetings & Events

Monday, March 16 School Improvement Team Meeting at 3:15 pm

Tuesday, March 17 Case 21 Benchmark- 2hr delay schedule

Wednesday, March 18 Case 21 Benchmark- 2hr delay schedule

Thursday, March 19 Bryant-District Principal’s Meeting/Orchestra Concert-6:00 pm