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November 19, 2021

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Feeling Thankful

I am so very thankful and I want to share a few of those things I am grateful for as we approach Thanksgiving Day.

  • I am deeply thankful for the community support we get. From Mary Strauss and her community group show support to our parents who help us with fundraisers. Thank you!

  • I am grateful for our parents who are partners with us as our children navigate the academic and social complexities of middle school. Thank you!

  • I am overwhelmed by the efforts of our teachers and support staff as they work tirelessly to create engaging lessons, help our students through learning new social-emotional skills, and generally just show love to our students. Thank you!

  • I am indebted to our administrative team here in the office who help manage a huge volume of needs from all of our stakeholders. Thank you!

  • And, most importantly, I am thankful for our students who show-up every day and really do their best to navigate middle school. They are an amazing group of learnings. Thank you, kids!

Have a happy and thankful Thanksgiving!



Wredling is trialing a new digital hall pass system. The goal of this system is to keep kids in class more often, and for our office to know when students have left class for attendance purposes. Our counselors and social workers will be able to send and accept pass requests to/from our students. One other benefit is that we can prevent specific students from being out of class at the same time. As always, if a student needs to go to the bathroom, we will absolutely let them!

Sometimes We Are Unable to Answer the Phone

Our front office is generally staffed by 3 people. There are several reasons we may be unable to answer the phone when you call. We may be:

  • on another line

  • supporting a student or staff member

  • getting a pass for a student

  • checking a visitor’s credentials

  • assisting with a passing period or hallway supervision

  • covering Building Supervised Study between certified staff coverage

  • assisting an urgent situation

  • short-staffed (someone absent without a sub, someone at lunch)

Please leave us a voicemail message and we will get back to you as soon as possible. If this is an attendance issue, be assured that we do update attendance throughout the day. As we update attendance, please know that we absolutely will contact you if there is a problem.

You may occasionally get a call/email for an unverified class period. DON’T PANIC! Common reasons - late to class with a pass, staff checked the wrong box, had a sub, etc. NOTE: we reconcile all absences on a period-by-period basis. They are generally cleared by the end of the day and HAC is updated! Check HAC later and then call if you still have questions.

If your student will be absent, You must CALL the Wredling attendance line (avail. 24 hrs) and leave a message stating the REASON (Click to view the chart!) for their absence
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RedHawk Pride Award

Congratulations to our RedHawk Pride Winners for this week!

  • Carl King from Team 8-1

  • Abbas Ashgar from Team 8-1

  • Emma Lumpp from Team 8-1

  • Angelina Valerio from Team 8-1

  • Lauren Tozzi from Team 8-1

  • Riya Shah from Miss Grazutis

  • Arpan Shah from Miss Grazutis

  • Lucy Auriemma from Ms. Parikh

  • Natalie Sieloff from Mrs. Kuretsky

  • Lucas Mandziara from Mrs. Spotak

  • Sofia Kuznetsova from Ms. Vizcarra

  • Taylor Kegel from Mrs. Breiten

  • Brandon Wilner from Mrs. VanSickle

  • Spencer Merritt from Mr. Celaya

  • Jada Lenard from Ms. Boehm

  • Alyssa Nava from Mrs. Cozzi

  • Jaden Karottu from Team 7-1

  • Axel Anderson from Team 7-1

  • Kayla Claussner from Tema 7-1

  • Grace Barnum from Team 7-1

  • Laine Griswold from Mr. Williams

  • Kyle LaRose from Mr. Masoncup

  • Oscar Torres from Mr. Kohler

  • Hunter Hayes from Ms. Grieves

  • Madison Eckel from Miss Ziltz

  • Trevor Tanlin from Team 6-1

  • Kaelynn Trejo from Team 6-1

  • Skyler Stewart from Team 6-1

  • Caleb Trent from Team 6-1

  • Haley Brunet from Miss Harper

  • Maggie Gibson from Team 6-3

  • Isabella Tran from Team 7-4

  • Gianna Little from Team 7-4

  • Marlee Nicholson from Team 7-4

  • Dominick Vardalos from Team 7-4

  • Ben Agnitsch from Team 7-4

  • Nikko Giordano from Team 7-4

  • Lucy Sader from Ms. Nichols

  • Zayvien Morris from Mrs. Breon

  • Samantha Jahnke from Mr. Wilkerson

  • Samantha Elias from Mrs. Olson

  • Noah Torio from Mr. Gabel

  • Marcelo Diaz from Mr. Scurte

  • Conor Thomson from Mr. Walker

  • Dominick Boothe from Ms. Raymond

Congratulations to our RedHawk students and staff!

Paraphrasing from a letter received from Richard Zawislak of St Charles VFW Post 5036:
Thank you to the Wredling students (and their teachers) for participating in this year’s Patriot's Pen contest. This year's contest was "How can I be a Good American?". While the VFW promotes patriotism in their essay contests, simply participating is a very challenging learning experience. The student has to think about an abstract subject that they have never thought of before, record their thoughts, organize them, and then write a coherent essay. Many adults would also struggle.

This year, 74 students from Wredling participated, 51 from Thompson, and 2 homeschooled, for a total of 127 entries. Kayla Claussner, a 7th grader at Wredling won first place out of all the entries. Her score was 197 out of a possible 200 points. Her entry has been forwarded to the 19th District to compete next month at that level. Brianna Leycock, a 6th grader came in third overall with a score of 188 points.

The prevalent themes in these papers were respect, kindness, and empathy for others. The influence of their teachers is apparent in what they wrote. If they continue to receive positive influences and hold true to their beliefs, they will become good Americans.

Here are the top five winners at Wredling:

Place - Name (Pts)

1st - Kayla A. Claussner (197)

2nd - Brianna Leycock (188)

3rd - Marlene C. Nicholson (187)

HM - Layton Sophia Ward (184)

HM - Isabella M. Kaschke (183)

He also took the time to mention the Wredling staff who helped make the contest possible this year:

Elizabeth Dolan

Kathleen Goettel

Danielle Dean

Rosemary Goble

Patrick McGuire

Bridget Alcala

Margaret Guseman

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1ST SEMESTER Non-Attendance Days for Students

November 22-26- Thanksgiving Break

December 20-December 31 - Winter Break

1ST SEMESTER Early Release Days for Middle School

December 1 - Wednesday. Dismissal at 2:52 for all students


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The St. Charles Education Foundation- Making a Difference in RedHawk (and D303) Lives!

We want to thank our St. Charles Education Foundation for making a difference in the lives of our RedHawks. You may not know about the many amazing things that our Foundation does, so I would encourage you to look here to see what they do. I want to give you a Wredling example of what the St. Charles Education Foundation has done to support our students and teachers, in this case, 8th grade teacher Stephanie Bennett. What they do makes a difference in the lives of our students and teachers!

I would encourage you to learn about the Foundation and support them in any way you can!

Attention 8th-Grade Families:

It is hard to believe but it is already time to begin planning for high school! On Thursday, December 2nd, high school counselors from East HS, North HS, and Compass Academy will be at Wredling, meeting with our 8th-grade students to give them an overview of the high school course planning. Students will be attending the presentation during their 2nd hour class.

E-Learning Plan and Emergency Days

The School Board has approved an E-Learning plan that gives the district the option to offer remote learning in place of emergency days. Currently, our last day of school is Tuesday, May 24, which is the week before Memorial Day. As we move into the winter months, we want to update you on the plan for how the district will manage emergency days and e-learning days.

  • If we experience inclement weather, the first three days will be “snow days” that will be made up at the end of the school year on May 25, 26, and 27 as needed.

  • Subsequent emergency days will be remote days so the last attendance day will still be before Memorial Day.

  • If there is a long stretch of inclement weather (blizzard, polar vortex, etc.), we may split the days into “snow days” and e-learning days so as to not have too many non-attendance days in a row.

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Support for Your Child if they are Quarantined:

If your child is quarantined due to Covid, our teachers will send work to your child and work with you and your child as we always have when a child is out of school. We want to recognize that quarantine offers some unique challenges for our students.

We will be offering instructional support through a certified teacher during quarantine. Ann Rose, a recently retired D303 teacher, will be available to support our quarantine students through Zoom. When a child begins quarantine, we will email both the child and the parent with information on how to access Mrs. Rose's Zoom for support. We encourage our quarantined students to access this instructional support!

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Dear Wredling Families

The Salvation Army’s annual Jim Wheeler Toys for Kids program is once again in full swing. This program, which collects and distributes toys for the needy boys and girls of the Tri-City area, has been active each holiday season for over 35 years. The program has been named in honor of the late Jim Wheeler who was the creator and driving force behind this effort.

Once again, we are asking for your support of this program for children at Christmas time. We are looking for new unwrapped toys and games. Monetary contributions and gift cards are also being collected to help make this Christmas a very special one for local families.

A Collection Box is currently at Wredling in the Main Foyer. Feel free to drop off your donations here. Pickup from Wredling is currently planned for Monday, December 9th. Thank you to anyone who is able to contribute to this wonderful cause.

See the flyer below for more details

Attention 7th & 8th Grade Students!

The AAUW is sponsoring its Creative Writing Contest for the 43rd consecutive year. All interested 7th and 8th grade students in the tri-cities may enter. Entries may be submitted in any one of 3 categories: fiction, non-fiction and poetry. Medals and certificates of achievement will be awarded in each category for the 3 entries that are judged best by the AAUW Creative Writing Contest Committee. 7th and 8th grade entries will be judged separately. There also will be 3 Honorable Mention awards in each category for both grades.

Entry forms are enclosed. There is no required topic for the compositions, although students are encouraged to submit their best work of the year. The Rules and Guidelines which appear on the Entry Form should be reviewed and applied by student writers in order to maximize the success of their work in this competition. All entries should be submitted no later than 5PM, Wednesday, February 16, 2022. Please arrange for the entries to be returned to your school’s main office prior to that time. Entries will be collected by AAUW members on the morning of Thursday, February 17. No late entries will be accepted under any circumstances.

Entries will not be returned.

Winners will be notified by March 25th and will be invited to attend a special ceremony in their honor on Thursday, April 7, 2022. We will let you know the location of the ceremony when the winners are announced. Their teachers are also encouraged to attend this recognition and celebration of their students’ talent. We appreciate your time and cooperation in bringing this opportunity to your students. We look forward to reading their submitted works.

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