by Cruz Leftrook


Prejudice is a bad thing but people expres prejudice every day in some way. i think prejudice could be overcome if people just put all there thoughts away because everyone in the world is equil nobody is beter than any one if people would think in that way prejudice could be overcome verry easly people just haft to work together. Prejudice afects many people becase it is just people thinking there better thany anyone els. people get made fun of and horased becase of there race, skin color and many other atributes that people seem to make fun off and exclude people for it from all sorts of things


quote 1 parallel journys

'' It is imposible for a jew to go unnotice in a small town''

in this novel the charicters and all the jewish people were afected by this just becase hitler didnt think they were good enough and they are a waste of space

Quote 2 parallel journys

" I wanted to build peace not feed the flame of never ending distruction."

all jewish people in that time all wanted to make amens with hitler to stop all that was happening to them they new it wasnt going to end until some thing hapend.

Quote 3 parallel journys

"I after i got out i was confronted by revisionists people who claim that the holocost never happend"

i think it is people who dont think prejudice is a thing and just ignore it and take it out of there lifes.


Daniels story by Carol Matas

In this story a yong boy named Dainiel was called in front of his class by his teacher and made fun of by his teacher and class mates and horassed him all day just because he was jewish. and one day Dainiel was at school and the teacher said something to him and he punched the teacher and walked away.

I this short story showed how the jewish people where horassed in there comunity.

The holocaust by susanna davidson

jewish parents had to send there yong children far away to enshure there safety from hitler.

The parents knew that they would never see them again but they cared more about there safty than for them to stay with the parents.

In this story it shows how karing and loving the jewish people were and all they wanted was peace.

Daniels story by Carol Matas

Dainel was out pkayin whith his friends on there street when some hitler youth kids showed up and started saying mean stuff to them and pushing them around and dainel punched on of the hitler youth kids right in the face and a fight began.

it shows how hitler convinsed every one againsed jewish people for no really reson and it shows how every kid to adult was involved in the holocaust.

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I chose this symbol because it represents lots more than it shows in the picture. The consentration camps where millions of jewish people where kiled for no reason. It shows what the survivors of this event had to go threw losing loved ones and family members threw it all