By: Adam G, Jarrett W, and Jack B


  • Located on peninsula that juts south from Asian mainland and points toward Japan
  • At northern end of peninsula, mountains and the Yalu River separate Korea from China
  • Steep mountains cover nearly 70% of Korea's landscape
  • Most people live within western coastal plains
Korean Geographic | 코리언 지오그래픽 - Ep.1 : The Land of Snow and Wind Daegwallyeong (2014.12.15)

Unique and Interesting Things

  • It's a peninsula

  • The culture is very diverse

  • North and south have major differences
  • Crime reenactments

  • Fast food delivery

  • Male makeup

  • Mud festival

  • Robots

  • Romantic holidays

  • When babies are born they start at 1

  • Biggest church in the world

  • Baseball established as a political move


  • Three separate kingdoms: Konguryo-North, Paekche-Southwest, Silla-Southeas
  • All had same language and cultural background, but warred with one another or China
  • Missionaries spread Mahayana Buddhism-took root among rulers and nobles
  • Had an emperor
  • Strictly hierarchical
  • Powerful kingdoms
  • Had good cultural influences throughout all kingdoms and ages of each kingdom
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