RMS Media Center Report - April '15

Check out what went on the the Media Center in April!

Media Center Stats

Student walk-in traffic - 1633

This counts students who visit the media center independently to read, study, check out books, work on the computer, or complete other tasks as assigned by their teachers. For the 16 full days the media center was open in April, that's 102/day!

Students are welcome to visit the library before and after school, as well as throughout the day with a signed pass.

Materials Circulation - 1,470 items

For the 16 full days the media center was open in April, that's over 92/day! Our book fair going on for a week during April, and while students were still coming in to get books, check out traffic was down.

Classes - 16

Mrs. Howard and Mrs. Bowman's classes came in to use computers.

Mrs. Barnwell's students came in to learn how to use DISCUS for their research projects.

Mrs. Denton's classes came in to do research on Victorian and Elizabethan England.

Mrs. Vargas's classes came in to use the computers.

Activities in the Media Center

We were closed for 3 days this month due to ACT ASPIRE Testing!

Poetry Slam - Students brought their lunches into the Media Center and heard original poems performed by their classmates! We had 17 students participate, which was great, since we didn't give them much notice.

Library Club Activity - The Library Club decorated the library for book fair and did an AMAZING job! They worked all the way through from the planning stages to completion, and we were impressed with their dedication and talent!

Book Fair "Under the Sea" - We saw all the English classes and did quite well with the book fair fundraising. Lots of books made it into the hands of students, and we allowed the students to make suggestions for books for us to add to the library. We used book fair profit to add all the new titles they wanted (and there was much rejoicing)!