April Recognition Newsletter

For Rachel Comstock's Jamberry Downline Team Members

Welcome to the new members that joined our team in April!

It's so nice to have Andrea Garlach, Pamela Jones, Lauren Lins, Katrina Castine, Katie Crook, Nancy Berman, Samantha Pizzo, and Alyssa Stafford join us on this Jamberry Journey! We're so glad you've joined us!

April Rank Advancements & Fast Start Achievers

Advanced Consultant - Acelynn Brock, Alison Amoss

Lead Consultant - Holly Magdalin

Second Fast Start Achievers - Acelynn Brock, Alison Amoss, and Megan Gibbs

Top Sales in the Month of April

Even MORE Recognition!

Congratulations to our "Grand" Master Sellers with over $1,000 in sales! Ashley Mullen ($1,549), Elizabeth Newton ($1,537), Lindsay Moran ($1,453), Alison Amoss ($1,061), Sarah Blackwell ($1,050), and Laurie Buckland ($1,019).

Congratulations to all those in "Club Rockstar" with over $700 in sales! Julie Kaufhold ($950), Rachel Comstock ($911), Sue Prado ($778), Andrea Berkheimer ($743), Kellie Muller ($714), Carol Schmitt ($713), and Robin Steele ($707).

Michelle Meeks ($666), Jessica Sisson ($641), Acelynn Brock ($606), Megan Gibbs ($602), Teresa Blakely ($593), Amanda Neidrauer ($590), Johanna Smith ($566), Melissa Moore ($550), Lauren Willis ($549), and Amber Lindgren ($500) all had over $500 in sales and earned an additional 5% bonus in their checks this month!

Congratulations to Kristin Coulson who sponsored TWO new team members in April! Congratulations to Team Rowdy Wrappers for selling $17,382 of Jamberry Products, Team JamCrazy Divas for selling $11,616 and Team JAMstock for selling $13,371!

May can be A-MAY-ZING for your business!

The weather is starting to get warm, toes are peeking out of shoes, and we're getting into prom, graduation and wedding season! What a wonderful time to be a Jamberry consultant, and what a fantastic selection of new wraps we've been given! Have you heard that a new "Throwback Thursday" design is being released each Thursday for NINE MORE WEEKS!? Sometime this month or next a new group of Disney Collection by Jamberry designs will be released (current designs retire May 20th)! We can promote the retiring Collegiate designs and the Sisters' Style Exclusive for May! Be sure to share these offerings as well as the beautiful May, June and July host exclusives and the Canada relief with your customers! They won't know what they MUST HAVE until you share the products with them! :-) Whether you're a "professional consultant" working and growing a business, or you've moved to "hobbyist" to buy your own products for a discounted price, this is a GREAT time to get some sales and earn prv that will go toward your next goal or maintaining your rolling $600 a year requirement!

I am excited to see where this month takes all of us and trust that you're gearing up for an awesome Summer! As always, please let me know if you need anything at all.

Oh, and I can't forget to mention that YOU ALL ARE A ONE MILLION DOLLAR TEAM! What an amazing milestone you have hit in just a little over 2 years! :-)

Have a marvelous May!


Rachel Comstock, Jamberry Executive

I began my Jamberry Journey in February of 2014. When I started with Jamberry I had NO idea of the financial blessing this business would be to my family as well as all of the amazing women and new friends I would meet along the way. Even though I don't know each of you personally, please feel to reach out to me if you ever need anything. I am more than happy to help in whatever way I can!